Friday, March 28, 2014

Worried About Piling On The Pounds? Here's How To Stay Fit And Healthy On A Cruise

If a cruise is your perfect getaway then it is of the utmost importance that you get to enjoy every single second of it. Cruises offer their passengers a wealth of different activities and events, as well as an almost limitless supply of food and drink, that’s just onboard. Depending on the type of cruise you take, you will also visit lots of countries and different destinations.
All this sounds great; however there is potential health risks involved in taking a cruise holiday.

(Image courtesy of Pan American Health Organisation via Flickr)
Do not worry. All of these potential risks can be avoided by simply being informed and prepared.
Here are some ways in which you can minimise these potential health risks, which will enable you to enjoy all the different elements that a cruise can offer:
Before you set out on your cruise holiday, you should ensure that all of your routine vaccination, for example; measles, mumps, rubella and seasonal flu, are as up to date as possible.
A cruise ship contains people from all over the world, and these people can carry all types of common diseases which your vaccinations can protect you against, so it is essential that you get your routine vaccinations done before you depart.
Further vaccinations may be required, depending on which countries the cruise plans to visit. Take a look at your itinerary (you find out more here) and do some research on the countries and destinations that you will be visiting and the vaccinations that you may need. These vaccinations will also depend, not only on what countries and destinations you will be visiting but, on what areas of the destination you plan to frequent. For example, if you arrive in an African port and plan to stay within the dock area, no vaccination will be required. However, if you do plan to explore, some dock areas will not allow you to leave unless you have been vaccinated and can provide the appropriate documentation.
Onboard health risks
You may have all your up-to-date vaccinations, but some viruses can strike you once you are onboard and have departed. The norovirus is a prime suspect, and can be avoided by using some basic cleanliness methods.
If you are worried about the norovirus then take the following precautions as good practice whilst you are onboard. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, as well as at key times before eating and after the bathroom. Try not to touch your face, if you have not washed your hands recently or after touching items or equipment in public areas. Carry around wet wipes, if you can, so you can be confident that your hands are clean at all times.
If you plan to head on shore on any excursions, try and follow basic food and water protocol. For example, eat cooked meats that are served hot and drink only from bottled sources.
Check your holiday insurance to see if you are covered, should you fall sick on your cruise holiday.
A holiday is to be enjoyed, and it is therefore essential that you make the right preparations and take the right precautions, so your cruise can be one to remember for the right reasons.

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