Sunday, March 23, 2014

Top 7 Ways to Make Your House Worth More

Getting on the first rung of the housing ladder is not an easy thing to do. During the recession (that is not as bad as our leaders would have you believe, we are a very rich country) banks all but stopped lending money. The bankers caused it and left the poor to pick up the burden of repayment; that is clear. Mortgages became very hard to acquire for a couple of years. Even now, huge deposits are required for an application to be successful. The spectre of future negative equity is not a risk the lenders want to take anymore.


Assuming, a number of years ago, you were lucky enough to bag a mortgage and move into your own home, the problem doesn’t end there. Your starter home is likely to be a small property with a tiny garden, if any at all. Maybe you could only afford a flat at the time. Now, you find your family is growing, and the property you bought has increased in value a little. The prospect of moving to a larger property seem viable until you find that their prices have increased too. You will need to borrow more money. Luckily, your existing home will cover the deposit so borrowing will be a little easier.

It is possible to reduce the amount you need to borrow by increasing the value of your home. There is a likelihood of a higher offer on your property by carrying out a few upgrades to it. We are going to suggest a few possible projects that are almost guaranteed to increase the sale price.

Minimise the risk of losing the money you invest by upgrading the kitchen. The only caveat is that the new kitchen must be installed to a high standard. Low quality kitchen units with shoddy workmanship will be a complete waste of money. Your new kitchen needs to be sleek and modern, with built in appliances.

As with the kitchen, a new, modern bathroom will make your home worth more.  Modern bathroom supplies can be found easily online.

Frame the entrance to your property with pillars or gates. First impressions are very crucial. Lay a new driveway using block paving or printed concrete.

Does your home have gas fired central heating? If it has electric storage heaters, replace them with a modern, efficient, gas fired boiler.

Add an extension to your property if you have room. Maybe for a larger kitchen or a garage. A two story extension will be best but is likely to be cost prohibitive. If you can afford to build an extension, I will assume that you would have money to put into a new home anyway.

Add an extra bedroom complete with en-suite facilities by carrying out a loft conversion. A loft conversion will cost far less than an extension.

A conservatory can be fitted for a few thousand pounds and dressed to look stunning. Conservatories are becoming increasingly popular every year and are a basic requirement for many families. They are a fantastic, cheap way to gain space in the home.

There you have my top seven ways to increase the value of your home, whether you intend to move house or not. We are always striving to improve our surroundings and these projects can be great fun and rewarding to carry out. I hope I have given you some things to think about. Bye for now.

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