Monday, March 24, 2014

How I Turned My Home Into a Calm Haven for My Family


I firmly believe that the fast pace of today’s system is damaging to our health. It is evident in the statistics demonstrating the number of people that are receiving treatment for mental illnesses. now, are we just to carry on living the way we do or should we try and do something to mitigate the effects of daily pressure ourselves? I decided several years ago that I would protect my family as far as I can, by giving us all a place where we can shrug off the stress caused by social demands. You may find my actions to be unfair and outdated, but the children have adapted well over time without realising, in some cases.
We have a tool in our armoury that can be used for our defence. It is, of course, our home. Mine is now a relaxing, tranquil place, thanks to a relatively small number of changes, and I believe it has benefited us all. Here’s a few tricks you may like to try yourself.

My family know that, come eight o’clock at night, communication with the outside world ceases. This is the most important step to achieve a calm atmosphere. Mobile phones are switched off and the computer is disconnected from the internet. Social networks are the root of all evil for growing children. The landline is unplugged too. When our work is done, we give no opportunity for the boss to stress us out in the evenings too.

We installed tall fencing so that our back garden can be enjoyed without the prying eyes of neighbours. Just because we are out there doesn’t give people the right to engage us in unwanted conversation.
We fitted new blinds from The Blinds Superstore perfect fit range after researching all of the many other blinds sellers on the internet. When the sun goes down, no-one can tell if we are in the house or not.

We eat together at the dining table and talk without the background sound of a television or music. Sometimes there are heated discussions but it is all part of the unwinding process.

Bath Time
My younger children are given a bath every night. My bathroom has dimmable lighting and scented crystals are used to relax and calm the children before getting into their pyjamas.

Family Time
We try and watch a family movie together every night. Nothing too loud and explosive mind. Often we will watch a film that the children loved, three or four nights in a row.

Real Fire
A log burning fire was installed to add to the cozy atmosphere. Using the flickering flames and a few table lamps, our living room is the most relaxing place I know.

There are no televisions or music playing facilities in any of the bedrooms. The kids don’t mind this, however, as they never go to bed when they are wide awake. They often begin nodding off to sleep downstairs, early in the evening, thanks to the atmosphere we have achieved.

I hope you can make use of some of these methods yourself. The tough one will be cutting off communication, especially if your children all use friendface and are constantly texting their friends. Still, do what you can and have a clear conscience, knowing that you tried to do something to help. Most people don’t even try and the pressure is building.

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  1. I love and agree with this...except music. I find it relaxing, especially at night.


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