Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Remove the stress and have a better and healthier Mother’s Day this year

Some people get caught up in the frenzy of every holiday, and Mother’s Day is no different to that.
It is not that the day itself is stressful, but it is your actions, your thoughts and the way you may go about tackling things that make the holiday stressful. The bottom line is, that you put yourself under too much pressure at this time.

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Think back to the last holiday, was it a Birthday, or Christmas? Did you go through any of these thought processes?
Remember, these thought processes are not just in relation to this one holiday, it is more likely that it is a combination of both work and home life.
Here are some examples of thoughts and actions that may have run through your mind at some point during the last holiday
What does she like?
How am I going to get this in time?
When will I need to pay for this?

Do I put it on card, or can afford cash?
What time does that store close?
Is this present good enough?
Have I got enough food for our family meal tonight?
These are just some of your thought processes that can do you some real harm. Can you see how these may cause you to stress a little?
Mother’s Day is supposed to be enjoyed, not only by Mum but by the whole family.
In order to get to a place where everyone, including you, is enjoying Mother’s Day you need to start by being organised. Planning a holiday, like Mother’s Day, can significantly reduce stresses that come from very last minute and rushed thought processes. So avoid this and plan effectively.
Planning effectively could mean that you get together with other members of the family to discuss how you want to celebrate Mother’s Day and how the responsibilities can be shared amongst other family members.
Everyone wants to lead a happy home life, so removing any stresses from Mother’s Day is essential.
Once the stress elements have been removed, you can really start to plan and enjoy Mother’s Day. You will find you can think about gift ideas more easily, whether that is heading into town to Goldsmiths to pick up a piece of jewellery that you know she will like, or booking that spa treatment that you know she has wanted and deserves.
If you have a bigger family, with brothers and/or sisters, then you may want to organise a family meal somewhere. And because you have been more organised, and have planned Mother’s Day out more effectively, this task of organising the rest of the family to attend a family meal is just a lot easier, compared to previous years that you have tried to manage.
This could be the first year that you enjoy Mother’s Day, or any holiday.
Whatever you decide to do on Mother’s Day it is important that the day is not only enjoyed by Mum, but it is also enjoyed by the family, friends and all those she holds closest. 

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  1. Hi there, Zen! In a little over a month's time, its going to be Mother's Day again! How eggzoiting! Haha. I do not expect anything on that day, which is better because I would rather have a good home cooked meal and my family around me. Simple joys. Simple life. Simply happy. :)


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