Monday, March 3, 2014

Healthy Living: This Week I Conquered A Craving

Hmmmm it may sound very simple but it took me a great amount of energy to resist the temptation of ingesting the not too healthy type of carbohydrates and fatty food.

Yesterday as I was on a long queue at a fast food chain to buy the hubby and the kiddos' requests I had this yearning to order strawberry ice cream laden with chocolate cookies and oh so sweetie goodie syrup! I stared at the photo of the treat and as I did that my id and superego fought. "Just this one more time!" the Id said. "No no no no no!"- my superego whispered. I took a deep breath, and another and another until I reached the counter and had the courage to just buy what the hubby and the kiddos wanted. I had a bottle of water and a pie, no more, no less. Hmmm okay I had some popcorn too. As we were leaving the mall, the carnivores aka my watchamakulits craved for some protein yet cholesterol packed snack. I stared at the juicy meat wrapped in flour and oozing with oil and uttered to myself- hmmm "You don't need those fats and protein dear but the kiddos do, so pass on this one." I obliged and went home happy.

This afternoon I dropped by a cakes and pastries store to purchase something for the kiddos and was mesmerized by chocolate cakes and everything enticing to the eye. I did the trick I recently learned. I breathed in and breathed out in succession and imagined my huge belly and my unsightly fats. The trick worked. I simply snapped a photo instead of ordering...and I went home happy.

I ate just the right amount of dinner and then had my needed fruit-therapy. The hubby bought these colorful nature's gifts for me yesterday. I allowed myself to enjoy them with some non-fat milk and bits of raisins. Next time I will add some nuts. It was yum!!!!

So tonight I congratulate myself for another healthy living job well done!
Documenting it makes it more worthwhile I think.

Breaking up with bad carbohydrate binging- Check!
Saying goodbye to soda- Check!
My next project is to completely ditch my junk food cravings!

So you wanna join me?

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  1. soda was the easiest for me - drinking lots of water instead - i had to retire to do that, carbs - pasta bread etc - i have not eliminated them, but they are low on the intake level - sweets as a treat, but more difficult. Junk food - i will not touch any more- no macdonalds etc - no chips - i happen to like nuts and they are a substitute...Continued good luck on your ventures!

  2. hahahahaha! best of luck! i still do give in to soda and unhealthy what-evs once a month when the crazy appetite hits me. i do eat lotsa fruits and veggies. :P

  3. Can I please have some guyabano? I so miss that. Good luck Zen, I love what you said, life is short let us not make it shorter.


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