Thursday, February 27, 2014

OOTD Series # 7: The Wall

Okay, I am a day late for our group's OOTD mania but here it is..... 

I call this entry THE WALL...

"When you care enough for someone you go climbing walls if only to take a peak into their blue world and let the clouds brigthen their sky!"

Tops: Redgirl
Pants: Freshgear
Shoes: Rusty Lopez
Accessories:  Broadwaygems
Bag: SimplyVeraverawang
Photo taken by: mysistahnlawCHerrie

2 yorum:

  1. model na model ang dating, dreaming here again, reunion photoshoot for ootd, with jumping and planking shots, hahaha! ahhhh!!

    love love this post Zen, keep staying healthy, astig na astig ang dating nito :)

  2. hi redgirl! hahaha! i love the shots of your SIL, pwede na siya mag apply as official photog mo for OOTD. i agree with Beth, model na model ang dating.


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