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3 Apps That’ll Improve Your Vacation

There's nothing quite like a well-planed and executed vacation to refresh the mind & body, prepping you perfectly to return to the old 9-5 with a little more vigour. However, it’s rather uncanny just how easy it is to return from said vacation with even less bounce in your step and larger bags under your eyes than when you left. Why? Vacations are a little stressful themselves at times. Perfecting those meticulous plans, organizing involved parties, and turning well laid plans into rewarding actions never proves simple. Luckily for you, modern technology has made it easier than ever to put together a stress-free vacation, at a lower cost. Here are three great apps that enable your Smartphone to improve your vacation experience, from start to finish:

Plan it out with TripAdvisor

Though not for everyone, planning at least the basics your next getaway can be the difference between a night in a plush queen-bed and a night on a park bench in a hail storm. Apps like TripAdvisor mean that you have an on-the-go wealth of information for each city that your suitcase wheels clatter through.
TripAdvisor offers a great app for the basics of travel: booking your hotels and once that’s done it’s time for the fun part! Get onto researching the perfect activities in the range of city specific apps. Get in the know about what to do there from exhaustion-inducing mountain tracks to the most melt-in-your mouth cheese pastries in town with community ratings and comments on other’s experiences to boot. Skipping the bad experiences creates that stress-free vacation you always dreamed of. Find your balance of planning and go ahead and let TripAdvisor help you out, available on the Google Play and iOS marketplaces for free.

Keep it Cheap with OfferBook

An inevitability of travel is spending more than you’d hoped; perhaps your budget was too enthusiastically small or perhaps you didn’t quite understand the concept of exchange rates. Whatever the reason, don’t crawl into a fort built with hotel mattresses whilst using your endlessly expensive city activity list to dry your eyes. Use Offerbook to keep your experiences affordable.
Offerbook is an app that allows users to search for deals & offers in any location they please across the United States. The app searches deals across a number of providers, only presenting live, relevant deals in the location you specify. Forget all about sifting through every deal website using the snail-paced,  hotel Wi-Fi to fuel your frustration – simply load up Offerbook and find what you actually need – Fast.
Download Offerbook for iOS Here.

Map it out with City Maps 2go

Although some might argue that the old faithful paper map is the way to go, most people have at least grudgingly recognised the value of smart-phone app map options. Those with offline functions are especially useful; being GPS-enabled means that you can see where you are at all times without any form of internet which ties in nicely with you being too broke to afford 3g overseas.
One great option is City Maps 2Go Pro with reliable offline maps and plenty of extra travel content to supplement your research including ideas of what to do and insider tips. You can get a limited version of City Maps 2go Pro for free or $2.99 for an unlimited, life-time use version, both can be bought on the iOS marketplace.

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  1. I need this. Well, first of all, I need a vacation so that it can be useful to me. LOL My brother though, needs this a lot. You know him.

  2. LOL on Ruthi's comment. i need those apps too so that i will have a reason to go on vacay more often. :P


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