Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What To Do When The One You Love Finds Someone Else

(Inspired by a Google search that landed on my page- what to do when the love is gone.)

You found out the love of your life has found someone new. What do you do? 

Now that is not an easy question to answer.


As a little girl I always thought that the perfect heart shape (♡) used in architecture, print and technology was created by the modern man. Growing up I realized that nothing and no one is perfect and that relationships break, people come and go but that the beautiful thing about it is that although some may be altogether bad there remain good hearts everywhere! Nature shows us how lucky and blessed we are with so many living hearts in nature- see the green heart shaped leaf photo? Only if we know where to look and know that real LOVE goes beyond material things...

 I also always wondered what true love meant. I have had my share of tears and sorrow when it comes to the LOVE department and I am pretty sure many of you have had a bruise or two with cupid. Yet one thing that makes sense in this complicated world called adulthood is a word that starts with the letter "F" ~faith~ 

Faith that no matter how much pain we suffer, there will always be a friend, a family member, sometimes even a stranger who will be ever willing to just LISTEN and ease your confused mind. 

Healing does not come overnight and oftentimes forgiving is better said than done. Expression of your feelings is a crucial thing. Go ahead, shout what you feel inside. Let it go, let it out, cry if you must, curse if you can not help it and after you've cried it out and your tears have ran dry, consider talking with someone you trust the most. If you have a whole tribe you are comfortable with the better! 

I believe that angels surround us in forms that also start with the letter "F"- family and friends. . .

They will be able to guide you in deciding whether to forgive and forget or ditch and move on. Yet the decision must come from you, always. Focus on the bright side of things. Ask yourself. . .

~is the relationship worth saving? How many times have you tried to keep it and failed? Surely even the toughest of hearts has a limit!

~is the relationship making me a better person or bringing out the worst in me? 


~is he or she a God fearing person? Has the person physically hurt you? 

. . .the latter is one heavy reason to walk away!  Your partner needs professional help and you are a victim of injustice. It may be difficult to realize that when you have become too emotionally attached and financially dependent. Yet you do have a choice and a RIGHT to be happy forevermore!! ♡

"People who care are out there just waiting for you to learn to LOVE yourself! True Happiness need not be chased, it is a choice."

..and one more good news- TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS...just give your heart TIME to heal and someday you just might find yourself, READY TO TAKE THE CHANCE....and LOVE AGAIN...

...or you and that someone you cherished most in the past just might turn to be THE BEST OF FRIENDS...the possibilities are endless for as long as you tell yourself YOU CAN DO IT and work on MOVING ON....it is the only way, to SET YOURSELF FREE....

And be truly happy alone or with someone new....


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  1. ah! An interesting question and one i have faced in many ways before. How deep and real is your love for a person? Is it for your benefit or is it that you wish the best for them? Can you not only let them go, but can you keep your love for them so that it does not interfere with their choices? I have been fortunate enough to have had many loves, some very, very deep and i can say most i can still talk to and some still have a good relationship, tho not as a lover, but as a friend. This is not an easy path and one that comes with much sol searching. All my best to yo Kulasa.

  2. Such a lovely post... I know how it feels, and it's never good; and yes, everyone does have a limit -- the question is, have we reached the limit?

    On a footnote, sometimes it is easier to say, than to do...

  3. I've had this happen twice. The most important thing is giving yourself time to grieve before moving on to someone new.

  4. Ive had my share of pains too but like what you said time heals. Many comforting thoughts here Zen, hope that those who find their way here will see the hope through the messages here

  5. A very thoughtful post, Kulasa, and very well written. True love never betrays, and it cares for you like you have never known. I believe in the bliss of the Almighty. If things don't work, I believe, it's important to take the right decisions and surrender the consequences to Him. Then, have patience and faith... in His ways, He has better things planned for you. He hears our prayers, just that we need to wait for the correct time and never lose hope in the good things in life.

  6. love is a choice. when the one you love decides to leave you, let go and let God. so much easier said than done, but it can be done. :P


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