Monday, July 21, 2014

Reasons We Should Keep Helping Others

Have you ever been in a situation where everyone seems to be asking for your help? Every waking morning you find someone begging you for something or pleading you to listen to their plea? It can be frustrating and tiring at times right? Especially when you lose time for your own needs working so hard sacrificing sleep and rest just to make ends meet and save up for the future. You live life making sure your family won't ever get hungry and that your children are well clothed and fed.

...Then comes someone less privileged knocking at your door- you give a little something hoping tomorrow he won't be knocking anymore. But the next day comes another person, and then another and another. You begin asking yourself, "God how do you do it?" "How do you manage to LOVE everyone and to listen to each of our prayers?"

I have been reflecting lately on the above scenario and feel so grateful that I am given the chance to share in people's misery and to be an angel in the midst of their tragedies in life.

  5 Great Reasons we must not cease sharing our blessings...

1. It is through us that the hand of God works.

  ~waking up in the wee hours at night or very early in the morning to ease someone's pain or to lend someone an amount of money to feed his family or assist them land a job or get through an emotional turmoil is heaven's way of sending us a message! That we were truly created in the image and likeness of God! We were sent forth to be a blessing! We often ask ourselves where is God? When we manifest His grace in others, He lives through us and we are made free from worldly malady.

2. We maybe the person's only hope.

~can you imagine a scene where a man turns his back on another man who has gone to so many other homes begging for mercy? It can be very inconvenient at times to open the doors to our homes but come to think of it, we wont be able to take with us our jewelries and cars and fancy furniture when we die. The fact is, we will all die at a time no one knows! For this reason we must keep our souls ready for heaven! Remember we are here not merely to make our pockets and bank accounts teeming with cash or to build houses that are sturdy. We were created to show to the world, that the Lord is LOVE, and HOPE. How do we do that? We feed the hungry, cloth the cold and weary, give comfort to the sick and show caring for the oppressed.

3. We never know when the wheel of life will turn and we'll be the ones needing help.

~"the world is round!"- I have been hearing that too often and seen it, felt it, experienced it. Life is a series of ups and downs. We maybe well and having all the material wealth now but who knows one day we just might be that person walking along the street without direction and needing guidance and with a churning stomach. So give while you can and learn to look back where you came from. Gratitude is great attitude.

4. Helping others makes us physically healthy.

~When we do something that makes us happy, our body releases certain chemicals and hormones that help regulate our blood sugar level; keep our blood pressure on the optimum level; make our hearts beat regularly and our brains sharp with happy memories!

5. When you truly have a caring heart, you help others.....For No Reason At All

~no ifs and buts, no expectations, no regrets....and you do it with a smile even when you never hear the word Thank You from them...sometimes, meek people are just too shy to even speak the word...

When I complain about how stressful work is sometimes, an old friend would always say- "You are blessed God is working through you...Jesus never complained, He died on the cross for our sins. That sick person just might be Jesus visiting are lucky you've been chosen to heal Him."

Each Day is A Gift because it is a chance to make our souls shining like silver through Service and Humility. Who needs all the worldly adoration, fame and glory when you have PEOPLE loving you because you have a huge heart?

Go ahead, Give Love Everyday not only to the ones who love you back and be an angel from Above!


  ~Inspired by unsung heroes like you~

P.S. You might want to give love to children whose education we are supporting at our group blog....a simple visit to the site will go a long is the link - The Salitype Society, A Purpose Driven Blog....

Thank you and may you be blessed a hundred fold...

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  1. pssssst, taking a break fr numbers. feeling dizzy, lol. love, love, love but #2 doesn't seem to apply for the red publisher. *insert angel with sungay emoticon*

  2. it breaks my heart to see children in the wet market offering help "ate Php10 lang tulungan kita magbuhat" my husband and I always see these two siblings (our suki) who help us carry our bags every saturday, they are really waiting for us, aside from the P50 we give them we also buy them puto and suman to bring home for their family. Their age is only 7 and 9 :(

    1. Bless your heart Ate Joy! I always tell my kids about the kids in PInas that in their very young age, they are forced to work.

  3. Beautiful post, Kulasa! This is the kind of love that we should spread, not just couple "lovely dovey"! After all, it is from Saint Valentine's legacy that we are having this day!

  4. Are absolutely right with the 5 ways of sharing your blessings, as for me, as much as possible and as much as i have i do share my blessings with others, even if there is non left for me. it breaks me heart to see those needy esp kids.

  5. It's I would say our eternal moral responsibility towards our fellow specie, helping one another :) Nice post.

  6. beautiful and very heartwarming post Zen, may you always be inspired to spread and share God's love.

  7. I envy you for being able to do such things... Hubby and I used to be in your shoes, but when we had to leave our beloved country, we had to change course, but we let God direct our path here. He has led us to where we are now. But deep in our hearts, we still want to give back to our fellowmen back home, especially that they our hometown has been greatly affected by the earthquake last October. I am hoping and praying that we can still do that one of these days, be of service, without expecting nothing in return... that is Love.

  8. I think helping sometimes make our soul healthy ! Happy Valentines in advance Ms, Kulasa !

  9. Nice! Great post makes me reflect, too. I always live by the motto: "What you give is what you get"

  10. As we all know, no one is promised another day. And that is the reason why I always wear my attitude of gratitude every single day accompanied with generosity and compassion for those in need. In the absence of children in our lives (unfortunately), we've committed ourselves to sharing our blessings as much as we can to as many deserving children in need of good education.

  11. you know what, it feels good when you help others! what a positive write up...thanks for spreading!

  12. back from FBF. have a great time helping the needy people. God will bless you a hundredfold. stay angelic. labyew!

  13. Well said, sisterette. I remember a priest here in our parish telling us that when we give alms to the poor/needy, we should not choose how much to give them. His exact words are "Ibigay mo ang una mong nadukot sa bulsa mo." I have a soft spot for street children begging for coins or food. Minsan may nakita akong isang bata na nakatambay lang sa bakery na patingin-tingin lang sa mga tinapay. Binilhan ko ng tinapay and after that, I saw the most soulful eyes looking at me and the sweetest voice saying "Salamat po!"

  14. Love comes in many forms. Helping others makes our heart grow big without expecting in return :-) I wish you and your family the best Valentines ever :-)

  15. You are such an inspiration sis Doc! :)

    For me and my husband, we don't have a savings account to boast. We only have a Xoom account to show off if we will be asked where's our savings? LOL. I always believe that when you help, you can always find a way to do so. :)

    Re: Thank you for your sweet comments on my daughter Triz. <3

  16. Bless your heart, Kulasa. These are the thoughts and teachings we need at a time when all we have is commercialization of this lovely day -- this post is truly inspirational. May your voice of kindness spread far and wide.

  17. All five makes sense. I always make sure I help people around me in ways that I can. It breaks my heart everytime I see this old man pushing his cart from our village to downtown.. he starts very early in the morning and goes home around 7pm. Whenever I have extras, I give him a bag of food and sometimes a little cash too. He's too old for the job. I just don't know if he has kids or family, for that matter. :(


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