Friday, January 24, 2014

Today's Update on My Healthy Lifestyle Quest

Hi there! Care to join me on today's early morning walk on my side of the world? I was not able to see the dawn breaking today because having come from twenty-seven hours work, my eyes longed to be kept closed until it was time for the kids to head for school.

I quickly dressed up to join them, wore my jogging pants, a red comfy shirt, rubber shoes and grabbed my sling bag. In case you missed my post on the creation of the motion photo above and want to feed your curiosity you may read it here. I have my kiddos to thank for pressing the shutter button on my smartphone for me. Oh yes, several "please" and "i love you" words are spoken before they cooperate LOL. My kids are both boys and honestly hate "girly-girly" stuff, well except for that of their mom's caprices I love to believe. 

Today the sky is so wonderfully BLUE and the weather is still rich of January's coolness. I am loving it!

The gentle swaying of the branches make me think happy thoughts! I hope I could send those of you who are missing sunshine the warmth of this brand new day on my side of the world. 

sunlight kissing greens... that was me crossing the narrow bamboo foot-bridge. Can you see sunshine greeting us in a corner?

Now these little flower caught my attention along the corn farm we passed by...

The heart-shape leaf as always enticed me and so did the tiny purple wildflower! I had to run to keep up with the kiddos after taking several shots!

I am enjoying Google+ motion shots! are you? Since I am due to go back to work tonight and do some online tasks in between, I cut short today's walk and came home to treat myself to a sumptuous breakfast. By sumptuous these days I mean one that is laden with vitamin and fiber rich fresh ingredients...

red fish cooked in vinegar with garlic, ginger, onions and pepper
I love the sweet, spicy and sour blend taste of the fish!

..and I can't eat without some tomatoes and onion mixed with just a bit of soy sauce!

I am proud to say I can already live with only a moderate amount of rice, just enough to supply me with energy. 

a green banana completed my meal! 

...and our new blooms by the porch and the kiddo's kisses this morning gave me my daily dose of happiness....and my strength to face tonight's challenges at work....which is no less than between life and death matters...

I pray for everyone's safety across the globe and may LOVE and PEACE be with us always...until our next walk together! 

posing wacky wacky with my nephew Zachy today

Each day is a blessing! Let's not waste a minute frowning! :)

~P.S. I'm sorry I haven't been able to visit many of you lately to comment on your lovely posts. Quite tied up but know that your friendship matter because I love you all a lot. I'll hop to your pages as soon as I can.~

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