Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Healthy Living at our Home Sweet Home: Today's Walk

My walking buddy as always was up early and ready to seize the day! A marvelous sunrise greeted us today, all praises to the One Above.

Sunrise, January 20, 2014

 "Lord, thank you for another day, another chance to LOVE, FORGIVE and CARE for others."

my sweet mom-in-law prepared the hubby and the kids' request for breakfast today- glorious shrimp in coconut milk, they totally loved it while I had a banana before heading off for today's brisk walking...

that was me of course running after the kids, in case you are curious how I came up with the motion effect- I downloaded Google+ mobile application so my photos are uploaded automatically to my Google+ account and four to five successive shots of a scene are edited auto and ready for me to share....Google also has a new photo editing feature which allows one to access image enhancement on the go! for me that is way too cool!

Looks like my buddy beat me to the footbridge again!

he patiently waited for me to catch up though...

I dropped by our family house and was not able to stop the monkey in me from having a taste of my sister-in-law's sumptuous omelet and fried banana!

the tomatoes wrapped in egg in a smooth sweet and sour way and the fleshy natural goodness of banana tasted heavenly to my easy to satisfy palate- thank you so much sister!!!

 ..after sending off the kids to school and having much needed dose of laughter and smiles with my bro and nephew I walked back home...

and these greeted me along the way...I allowed them to caress my soul...
sunshine seeping through the leaves and gently kissing my cheeks...

I do not know the flower's name but I usually see them in twos so I fondly call them "twinzy flowers" these remind me of a very special friendship...

new life among dried leaves, it makes me think of happy new beginnings...

living green hearts on the ground , heart-shaped leaves amaze me endlessly...God indeed is the best artist! the zigzag pattern on the edge of the leaves is just too perfect!

nature's bouquet, the yellow tiny flowers remind me of a dear friend, the "ipil-ipil" leaves hugging the wild flower tells me there is hope when there is love...

now there's our home sweet home at the neck of the woods...

  would you care join me one day watch the world go by here?...see the clothes clips above? I am just about ready to face the laundry...

..while my walking buddy seems to not have had enough and is planning to walk on towards the mountains....

I can not blame him..you can say we live somewhere where everyday at home is a grand vacation!

 May your day be blessed with everything your heart desires and your soul needs....

feeling young- me, from today's walk


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  1. It's no wonder people say that everyone has a twin.

  2. hindi ka feeling, you look like a highschooler na pa-cool with your cap hahahahaha! yabyew! thanks for discovering the twinzy flowers, love love love it! and i would love to join you watch the world go by and share our common craziness over purple. hehehe!

  3. Such a wonderful day for you that you observed the environment with vigor in your heart and mind. Good luck and have a nice day!

  4. pssst, back from FBF. waiting for your comment too. hahaha! tapos ka na maglaba?

    super in-love naman ako sa "life in the province" mo. wait lang ah, teleport ko lang sarili ko dyan. pls prepare some banana and kamote Q for me. hehehehe

  5. It so good to be back here again Sis. I like the new theme of your blog.

    I find this post very inspiring as it signifies that God loves and cares for His creation no matter how small or negligible it may seem. I envy your zest for life because despite your busy working schedule, you still get the chance to exercise and be one with nature.

    I am so happy to be here. Hugs!

  6. I miss doing morning walks. I can't remember the last time I did it. I guess I really need to slow things down para naman maenjoy ko ang little things like this.

  7. By the way, the shrimp in coco milk looks really yummy and so mouthwatering.

  8. wow, that moving picture is so cool for me, bring me there to google apps and teach me how to do it :) hahaha! do I have to take shots with my phone? love yah!!

    and as always, love your morning walk and seeing the priceless and healing beauty around you.

  9. i like the simple life you have there, your company is quite indeed very protective.. i love the place where you have table and chairs and that field..something i wish to have when we retired soon.

  10. That motion effect photo is so cool! And I bet you had a great time with your family! :)

  11. I haven't seen such a spectacular sunrise in ages! You're one lucky gal. Kainggit ka.

  12. Oh wow! You live in paradise! Such is a morning I would love to practice regularly, too! If only I live NOT in a frozen tundra!

    Great share! I am so in awe of God's beautiful nature through your snaps! :)

  13. Gotta try to that Google photo app, it's cool. And I miss eating shrimps!

  14. I miss the life in a real province: the trees, rivers/lakes, fresh air, and the birds chirping. Aw! I like your home place. ^_^

  15. I love the life in the province, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. You look so cool and serene. Love the pics too.

  16. exercise, nature, and good food! that's the best life!

  17. I love the location of your home Doc Zen, looks very relaxing!

  18. Such a lovely place to look around and frolic. You are very lucky.

  19. I like this picture-heavy post mostly because it was easy to load. How did you make the gif?


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