Thursday, January 30, 2014

OOTD Series #3: Inlove With Blue

Due to the lack of idea what to write today he he he- I am sharing with you another OOTD post.

This was on one of our beach escapades at the surfing capital of the North.

I've been sporting long hair for more than a year now. I never thought I could tolerate allowing it to flow freely and not tying it.

I have no plan just yet to have it cut short because I am so loving being able to flaunt it sideways. It makes me feel so feminine! Yep, I have a not too feminine side and my long hair seems to make me act- walk and talk with finesse.

As some of you already know, my favorite color is blue! Deep blue like that of the ocean. It embodies tranquility and maturity.

...and one of my favorite places is the beach! I love digging my feet deep in sand and chasing the waves with my eyes. Sunset watching makes me feel so ALIVE! The huge ball of light diving into the sea is my greatest inspiration in penning my masterpiece short stories- if you can call them that hehehe....

My idea of a great time is being able to breathe with ease while bonding with family and friends where the rays of the sun are free to embrace me!

I have always loved and will always cherish my skin color. I protect my skin though from the harsh elements by using sunscreen- whenever I am not too lazy to apply 'em hehehe.

I consider everyone as a friend, call me a foe, I'd still love you.
My life as that of anyone's is defined by a past with many struggles, a present with countless blessings and a future which I will welcome with a grateful heart. Whatever fate throws at me I have a bank of happy memories and happy thoughts inside my heart!- An old friend once told me "he may not be the most promising medical doctor in class but he can be the best friend I'll ever have." True enough we may not be the greatest in our fields but when we work with our hearts and stay angelic no matter what that MAKES A LOT OF DIFFERENCE IN  THE PRECIOUS LIVES WE TOUCH. 

Have a fabulous day one and all!

OOTD breakdown:
Blouse: BNY Jeans
Half-pants: Unbranded
Shades: Unbranded
Accessories: headband, earrings and necklace- Broadway Gems
Bag: case LOGIC
Sandals: Tiangge 
Photographer: Rhodora Sabado 
Location: San Juan La Union, Surfing Area

12 yorum:

  1. Proud that you enjoy the blue color with the blue sea as your background within your soul.

  2. I love the very last picture most of all! So beautifully captured! Hmp! I am so envious of those feet of yours that are having a blast on the sand! I missed doing that and it's been over 4 years now since I last stepped foot on the sand of the ocean. :(

  3. Now, ininggit mo ako. I would love to feel the fine sand while I'm digging my toes. Hanggang digging lang ako because I don't know how to swim hahaha.

    Yes, I hear you. We should protect our skin form the harmful rays of the sun. I myself am paying the price now for not slathering on sunscreen for years. Those stubborn dark spots are starting to creep in.

    Your long hair becomes you. I love your outfit too. :-)

  4. i love your top, just perfectly a great color when you are surrounded by that ocean.

  5. one thing we share Zen, we have a not too feminine side ( hubby describes me and my cousin tomboyish in likes ), and like you, I use my hair, and oh-oh, my nails, to enjoy the feminine side, I love feeling a girl too :)

    super love the pictures here, so lovely you, and you look good with the long hair.

  6. You know what, I want to go to the beach right now,where I can wear a summer clothes. It's freezing and school will be closed tomorrow, the temperature drops to negative and high wind at my end.

  7. HUbby and daughter love blue so much just like you! You look great in your getup!

  8. I love the blouse! It looks comfy and the color looks fab on you.

  9. Blue looks perfect and it looks comfortable! I'm missin' the beach! :(

  10. Nice to see a different side of your life. Doesn't it feel nice to let our feminine side get the limelight sometimes? Looking forward to summer because of your pictures.

  11. We have the same favorite color, Blue...

  12. Hi ate! We have the same idea when it comes to a great time. Every moment spent with family is the best time for me :)


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