Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Olives Restaurant, Thunderbird Resorts

The Letters In November would like to take you to another must visit place in La Union.



If you are going North of the country, fail not to dine at  Olives Restaurant at Thunderbird Resorts.

The Mediterranean inspired place makes you feel relaxed, refreshed and carefree. You could either stay at the balcony and enjoy the sight of blue skies and sea or stay in the air-conditioned area.

If you are a loyal follower of The Letters In November you probably remember SILLAG Festival which I featured here twice. Both took place at the boardwalk area of Thunderbird Resorts. The place is also one of my favorite spots in La Union to take sunset shots!

But today I did not visit the place to take nature shots but to satisfy my craving for good food and bonding with my sisters at work. Come dine with us virtually.

Now, what do we order? Let's see....

hmmmmm everything sounds interesting and sumptuous!

I honestly could not make up my mind :)

 while my friends already decided to have rice, meat and veggies I spent time taking photos of their food :)

I do not remember what they were exactly though hahaha but I am sure the above photo is a "duck" recipe. My friend swore it was delicious beyond imagination and wanted me to try. I "chickened" out LOL.

Then I finally remembered what I went there for!- their famous Ilokano Pizza freshly cooked in their wood-fired stone oven!

Ilokano pizza of Olives Restaurant, is a unique blend of Vigan longanisa, Tomato concasse, mozzarella, cheddar cheese, tocino, tuna and onion.

My friends gasped thinking I could eat the whole thing! I denied it of course but had not anyone been looking I could have finished the entire pan!

Oh yes, we had fruit shakes which I suggested should be a variety....

so it would look great in a photo LOL
We also ordered tea and dessert ahem, for the sake of having a taste :)

 Healthy Living has made me a fruit lover and therefore wherever I eat I tend to ask for their fresh fruit version, not that there is any huge difference .

My sweet tooth cravings are still quite hard to stop though so I requested for...

Vanilla Parfait with chocolate flakes
It was divine! What with the cherry on top and my first love-chocolate! 

..and then we had some tea to aid in digesting 
 everything while chit-chatting about life and all the ooohhhh and urghhh and ahhhs of working in the medical field.

We seldom have the time to hang out together and cherish those moments of simply enjoying good food and deep to non-sense conversations about everything under the sun.... I do not tell the world often but these two girls make my life at work a breeze....

meet my besties at work- dockies Jhen and Seves at your service

love yah sisters!!!

..now if you happen to drop by La Union, we could tour you around and you could ask us for some medical advice which we would not give for free! -just kidding of course!

We all believe that LAUGHTER is indeed the BEST MEDICINE, coupled with nature therapy and lots of Tender, Loving Care :)
come visit La Union dine, swim and watch the sun go down majestically at Thunderbird Resorts

Thunderbird Resorts Info:
Location- Poro Point Freeport Zone San Fernando City, La Union Philippines 2500
Contact them at E: pororeservations@thunderbird-asia.com
T: (+63 72) 888 7777 F: (+63 72) 888 3888 M:(+63) 917 586 5126

*This is not a sponsored post, although I honestly wish it were LOL

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  1. bring me there!!! hahaha! i love pizza baked in wood-fired stone oven!

  2. love the ambiance Zen, super refreshing and cool, want to try that pizza too :)

  3. Wonderful post, how I would love to share a table with you, Kulasa! I love desserts too, vanilla parfait looks so irresistible!


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