Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Home Sweet Home: Meet Our New Pets!

I'd love you all to meet the new members of our farm family!.....


Roger Rabbit

and our Bugs Bunny being cheerfully held by my son Roel

I bet you'll give us a grade of zero for originality eh but it's what the hubby named them! After all he was the one who brought them home last weekend and made the kiddos jump with glee and excitement. 

The hubby and I both agree that our pets help us teach our kids the values of caring and sharing as well as responsibility.

We gave them time to get accustomed to the environment and protected them from our other pets by putting them inside their bamboo craft home while we had lunch.

but look who could not wait to let them out! and rushed to them without his shoes!

...our nephew neighbor Jhunvy who is now the most avid fan of Roger and Bugs :)

Oh yes, a lot of running happens around our yard these days! Happy, curious chasing!

...while our blooms keep smiling! :)

Have a nice day! Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. We always had pets growing up. My Mom always had animals and it was important for her to share that love with us as well, so we always had dogs, we had a bird, fish, hamsters, gerbils, rats (yes, and they much nicer than hamsters/girbils), guinea pigs, rabbits and even a ferret.


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