Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Healthy Living: My Simple Quiet Life

You know what I love most about living in the rural area?

The air is fresh. I can gobble up fresh fruit whenever I want; eat freshly caught fish and seaweeds too! I can sing as loud as I want for to the mountains and trees to hear....I can feel the love of butterflies and birds...and yes I can gather flowers and put them on my earlobe and pretend I am a the sun rising and the moon a never ending hymn of praise for HIM who created EVERYTHING!

2 yorum:

  1. lucky you! we should never forget to enjoy+thank nature for all the goodness we receive! warm greetings from cold&wet tulipland!

  2. "eat fresh fish and sea weeds too"- you're making me jealous, hehehe, I miss our seaweed salad over there. we have a different kind of sea weed here which I am not so crazy about, thus, I buy imported sea weed similar to ours, which of course, since it's imported, not as fresh :(


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