Friday, January 10, 2014

Forget What You've Read About Vida Vacations Fraud, and Here's Why

Have you been troubled by apparent reports of Vida Vacations fraud that you may have come across while surfing the Internet? Well, put those misleading and libelous "reports" out of your mind, because they are all lies and nonsense. Vida Vacations Cancun resorts have a stellar reputation, as the many reviews from happy and satisfied customers all over the Internet will confirm. Simply forget about all those nasty and untrue "reports" that you may have read about Vida Vacations fraud. Let's take a trustworthy look at what real people who have stayed at a Vida Vacations resort are really saying about their experiences.

Guests Rave About the Service at the Grand Luxxe

The Grand Luxxe is a Vida Vacations property in Riviera Maya and Nuevo Vallarta. Many guests find nothing to complain about, according to reviews on TripAdvisor, and they have especially high praise for the service, which is second-to-none. Everyone from the maids to the concierge does their part in assuring guests are pampered and have all their needs met…and more. You can even expect to be called by name by some employees, which only ups the "special" factor. The punta pools always have availability, and the views of the surrounding area are spectacular and memorable.

Relaxation and Unwinding at the Grand Mayan

Vida Vacations operates different Grand Mayans in Mexico, but the one to focus on is the Grand Mayan Nuevo Vallarta, where relaxation and unwinding is made easy. Guests report that they enjoy the wave pool, and the atmosphere and ambience of the lazy river at the resort. Other very interesting and atypical activities at the resort also promote relaxation and stress release, as reported by happy guests on sites like TripAdvisor. At the Grand Mayan, for only 27 pesos, you can actually release baby sea turtles into the unpredictability of the wild. You also have the opportunity to observe sea turtles laying eggs on the beach.

Come for the Pools Alone at the Grand Bliss

The Grand Bliss is a Vida Vacations property that is situated in Nuevo Vallarta. This upscale resort has earned a myriad of praise from guest reviews due to the high quality of the elegant pools at the resort. Guests remark how massive they are, and this becomes evident when it’s explained that you can't even see to the other end, as the pools curve in a highly elegant fashion! Guests can also experience a variety of lounging and sitting areas in the pool water. There is also a lot of seating around the pools, so you won't ever have to wait. Now that you know the real truth from people who have actually vacationed at these lovely resorts, you can completely put out of your mind the untrue tall tales about Vida Vacations fraud happening at these locations. Vida Vacations owns and operates properties that make the visitor experience the best it can be. All the satisfied reviews on TripAdvisor from returning guests confirm the high quality of this brand.


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