Friday, January 10, 2014

Healthy Lifestyle: Night Market, San Fernando Foodie Street Treats

I rarely go out at night these days. Except when I am with my eating partner who loves dining out. The other week he seemed to have lost appetite for all the restaurants we frequent and announced we will dine literally "out" instead! 

...and so he found a great parking spot and off we walked to San Fernando City NIGHT MARKET for some street foodie treats....

missing Filipino food? join us at the heart of San Fernando for a stick or two of fish-balls!

San Fernando City, La Union, night market

a bite of warm "balut"

and those warm pancakes...

enjoy grilled meat, veggies and fish on a platter lined with banana leaf....
pardon the quality of my shots as I was a bit shy and felt weird taking photos that night...

...rice and grilled eggplant on banana leaf

a choice of  local dishes from "pinakbet," "laing," "tortang talong," "dinengdeng,"

on-the-spot grilled fishes...

salted eggs with fish and tomatoes!

and one of my all-time favorites- "ampalaya with egg," which not many of my friends could appreciate hahaha

It feels breezy and comfy for me eating under the stars and the moon and seeing people from all walks of life enjoying the night wearing slippers and just being their natural selves...

for dessert I had "maja blanca," 

 not in the mood for local dishes, you could always "point" to these combo meals

 and get a taste of Ilocano specialties like
these empanadas...

peanuts on the go! 

and then drink juice bought from stands...

I had a grand time eating and before we went home we stopped by the fruit section of the market which was still open for some pineapples, mangoes and bananas to take home...

the pineapple was sweet and juicy, you bet!

and the "bibingka" taken home and warmed at dawn was enough to make me feel so blessed to be 
living in home sweet home...La Union...

~from my humble world to yours~

(inspired by my bestfriend Divine and bestie Jing-Jing who both loved walking the streets of San Fernando with me)

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  1. Oh I don't think I should look at foodie photos! My tummy is in pain looking at these dishes..

  2. Seeing the grilled fish makes me drool and now my tummy is growling. I miss those type of stores where you can walk around and choose the food you'd like to eat.

  3. oh am geeeeeeeeeeee! craving for all those foods now. no exception, i want them ALL!!! hahaha

  4. Oh my, so many food choices. You must have enjoyed this very much.

  5. All those food photos are making me hungry. I miss dining out to eat street foods, specially the balut!

  6. oh, my gosh! now I'm craving for real filipino treats...I want to go home!

  7. those yummy foodies will sure make my 'kabayang' tummy to smile. I missed those "Ilocano" treats but not your fave 'ampalaya with egg'. ha..ha..ha...

  8. OMGoodness, those local foods above made me miss home more. :) Last year, around this time...we are already enjoying eating Filipino foods but now, we still here in Bkk...can't wait to be home soon! :) Anyway, I love street foods, BKK is famous with that...and they cook the food you ordered in front of you, sounds good, noh?! Hope you can experience Bkk street food someday, but nothing beats having it home! I bet everyone enjoyed the night. Have a great week.

  9. GEez! I am so drooling over here, Dok!I simply love all of them! Promise!

  10. psssst, dropping by to say i want to go food tripping with you!!! :P

  11. Who says that your photos are low quality? I love them. Though I haven't eaten any of them and don't know what goes into them just by looking at them my mouth watered. I like this post very much. Though I am not good at cooking I like to read things on food and recipes and rarely surprise my husband and son with a new, delicious dish.Sorry for being unable to visit your blog. Sometimes it takes long to load it and as my internet connection is very slow I had to give up the attempt. I miss your comments in my blog.

  12. ampalaya with egg, that's my all time fave I believe, highest in my list, followed by la-ing, ahhhhh, and al those foods above, haha!! yum yum!

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  14. I'm so hungry now, thankfully I'm going to a party tonight so I can have something delicious to eat!


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