Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Changing Our Swimsuit State of Mind

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If you're like most people, now that the holidays are over you're probably dreaming of the warmer, sunnier and less-depressing days of spring and summer to come. There's something about the warmth of sunshine and longer days that just makes people feel happier. There is, however, one thing about those warmer months that often strikes panic into the heart of summer lovers around the world, particularly if they happen to be female. Known to be the source of reoccurring panic and fitting room anxiety attacks, the culprit is none other than swimsuit season (cue dramatic music).

There is, however, a solution to this crippling state of mind; not only is it free, but it's simple to achieve and doesn't require a liquid crash diet. It's to simply reevaluate and change our negative mentality about swimsuit wearing, purchasing and overall appearance. It's hard to deny that our anxieties about swimsuit season partly stem from comparing ourselves to celebrities, models and other people in the spotlight. But many women fail to remember that these famous females are often airbrushed or "digitally enhanced" when featured on magazine covers, and have whole teams of personal trainers, nutritionists, stylists and makeup artists. For the vast majority of women, this is far from reality and we shouldn't get down on ourselves because of what the media portrays as "beautiful," "glamorous" and "perfect." We have to remember that all of us women are beautiful inside and out, and that we should simply wear items that make us feel comfortable in our own skin--and that includes swimwear!

Many women believe that they have to rock a skimpy, revealing bikini and show off the latest trends in order to look good at the beach, pool or wherever. However, the real key to looking fabulous in a swimsuit is to find a cut and style that flatters your unique body, shape and personal style. There's an endless array of options nowadays, whether you prefer one-pieces, monokinis, tankinis or bikinis, so you're sure to find something that flatters your figure and makes you feel like a star. It's time to be gentler on ourselves, as well as on our fellow women. This season, make sure your harsh criticisms of yourself and others stay at home and we guarantee that your day at the beach or pool will be that much sweeter. Here's to a happier 2014!

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