Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Magic Called Music

See the first CD bordered photo? It was taken from our hotel room Saturday morning after one music hyped Friday night. I joined workmates at the Christmas village where they performed several musical numbers. I was so impressed with their voices and as always was envious of their singing and dancing talents. After the show I waited for the hubby at a hotel resto where a live band was playing requested songs from the audience on that ledge in the photo above. Oh boy those love songs played reminded me of my youth!  I stayed on our hotel room porch enjoying the sea breeze and imagining myself playing a  yamaha 76 key keyboard with usb connectivity and finally composing my own song! Huge ambition for someone who still has to learn to play the keyboard huh! It never is too late to learn especially with the advanced features of musical instruments these days. The hubby then fetched me for another music interlude, off we went to a music bar! The band on the second photo above awakened my senses at almost midnight! Listening to full blast speakers and the singer's husky voice and the keyboard, bass, guitar and drums made me realize what I have been missing in the busyness of adult life- being careless and free! For several minutes my worries and mundane concerns where gone with the magic called music.

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