Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Healthy Thoughts : Christmas In Our Hearts

Today I passed by little girls at play. They were giggling and whispering and I just could not help but watch them and take pictures!

I realized they had no fancy, high tech toys and were simply using sticks to draw on mud and were pretending to be baking using recycled materials and I was thinking how swiftly my childhood seemed to fly. Moreover they made me feel guilty of wishing for gadgets I do not actually need. Their smiles and that innocent aura they exude gave me my day's dose of happiness.

As I left them the image of baby Jesus on a manger and the star of Bethlehem guiding shepherds and the values of Simplicity and Humility followed me.

Like these white wildflowers may our souls be blessed. 

A few days to go before the celebration! May love and peace be in every heart.

2 yorum:

  1. psssst, miss yew!!!

    one of the many reasons why i miss living in the province, life's simplicity at its best!

  2. Zen, I could very well imagine you, Zen and I in those kids, enjoying the simplest of the simplest things in life, and they are the most joyful!!!! won't exchange my happiest childhood with any gadgets, though am guilty too of having too many gadgets, but I guess, they were the rewards given to us for being very good kids when we were young :) love yah!!!!


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