Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Healthy Living: Fresh Seafood Anyone?

Do you love eating fresh Seafood?

Please do not view on an empty stomach :) 

 (I had to stop writing this post in the middle of it all to eat lunch)


Our family had one of those seafood treat madness one weekend in Pangasinan after dropping off our senior scout son at the campsite. 

We found a place called  SURATO'S Eatery along Binmaley-Lingayen road which offers sumptuous freshly caught seafood.

 We traveled at dawn so we were there at around sunrise ready for some healthy, heavy breakfast!


We were the first customers and the place looked neat and the atmosphere was breezy- perfect for enjoying home cooked style meal.

and eating with clean, bare hands!

We ordered grilled Bangus (milkfish) and I watched as the friendly crew cooked 'em on the spot.

there's our Bangus beside some catfishes!

it was served with soy sauce mixed with red pepper and calamansi juice; the hubby had fish sauce which I used to love but  refrain from indulging in now because it could sometimes be too salty which is unhealthy :)
I requested instead for some tomatoes to go with the fleshy yummy warm milkfish!

 sliced tomatoes

 I love how tomatoes could be sweet and sour at the same time! A perfect match for grilled food. 

Ah oh, looks like someone played with his food! He was asking the shrimps not to give him an allergic reaction. The poor boy has allergy to some seafood and we did not have medicine for him to take in case he reacts to the shrimp components so he just ate the milkfish instead and one of his favorites...

the squid rings!

The hubby had the most fun because he got to indulge moderately on his all-time favorites which include...

sauteed oysters!
Shrimp madness
 while I had a blast eating my all-time favorite milkfish!
I remember ordering another serving because Roel and I finished the two servings in a flash!


 We finished our meal with bananas for dessert and cool water to quench our thirst!

So if ever you get to our country and wonder where to eat in Pangasinan, look for Surato's Seafood Resto!

blush! :) sorry!

Eating with our loved ones is the best appetizer and sharing our blessings makes life worthwhile...

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  1. i like the oysters, catfish, malaga and shrimps plus the fresh tomatoes, oh where are the crabs?

  2. Oh my gulay! I'm drooling while reading your post. Bangus and catfish together with toyo and calamansi! *heaven*

  3. Seafoods are my favorite, I can eat as much rice and seafoods as i can without thinking of the consequences in the end... i love the good taste...your lucky you live in a place where you can get access to the seafoods easily and cheaper.

  4. Wow ang dami, cat fish and bangus with tomato that's a heaven. I am sure you enjoyed it a lot.

  5. Drooling here!

    With how bountiful we are here with many foods, fresh seafoods is what people here in Wisconsin don't have! Being over a thousand miles away from the ocean, you can understand why.

    I can't wait to visit Philippines soon! :D

  6. oh love love them all, i won't care if I have to take claritin :) haha, on the other hand, i should be happy with just grilled bangus.

  7. Sige lang, magpa inggit ka hahaha. I miss seafood so much!

  8. Yummy foods, but this is one area na hindi tayo magkakasundo. I am not into seafoods things eh. ang selan ko sa pagkain. ;)

  9. those sautee'd oysters looks amazing and yummy! i love eating seafood and my whole family craves for it! lucky its cheap here in malaysia's wet market

  10. hahahahahaha, natawa ako sa comment ni Rose. sige, mang inggit ka pa babatukan na kita hahahahahaha! drooliiiiiing!!!!!

  11. YAY! I am so drooling ever here! That's what I missed so much! I grew up in a city where seafood is abundant. Everything actually is abundant in our beloved homeland and we can even eat all we can without having to burn so much money.Sigh! I miss everything in the Philippines!

  12. I love seafoods so very much. You made me crave for them right now. It's been long since we had grilled milkfish. I wish I can have one now.

  13. Sigh... I can only drool... Hubby's allergic to seafood so we never go to any seafood resto, I don't even buy shrimps here even if I want to. But boy oh boy, I miss eating in restos like this! This reminds me of Sutukil... Sugba (grill) Tuwa (Soup) Kilaw (eating raw fish with spices like ginger, onion, vinegar and so on)! Yummmm!

  14. I can't wait to visit the Philippines and eat all I can - sea food style.

  15. I am absolutely starving now. I love seafood and I'd love to go to a seafood restaurant like this.

  16. i'm back! couldn't help but lick my lips and lumunok kakatingin sa mga food. hahahahaha! kung mang inggit, todamax!


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