Healthy Eating: Peanuts and Watermelon Splash!

Today is an official lazy day for me and I am treating myself to all natural snack.

For morning snackin' we had peanuts and corn on the cob. I love munching on freshly cooked peanuts and even opening the nuts. The crunchy sound it makes stimulates my brain and tickles my creativity or so I think.

After lunch we had the juicilicious sweetness of watermelon! A refreshing treat matching the cool December breeze.

Thank you Lord for the great taste of nature's best.


  1. ang lakas mo mang inggit, hehehe! we always munch on juicy and crunchy watermelon, i miss the corn on the cob and nilagang mani!!! yabyew! managed to post my best of 2013. :P

  2. like Che, I miss too the "nilagang mani", love love that for snacks, maybe, I should buy raw peanuts so I can make some


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