Sunday, November 3, 2013

Renewing My Pledge To Healthy Eating

 In a previous post- A Second Try for A Healthy Life, I have shared my goals for a better me.
 I turned 38 three days ago. If indeed life begins at forty I have two more years to work on being truly healthy. I sound like a broken record and my kids were all smiles yesterday when I announced my "dieting" officially starts first thing in the morning. 

I wonder as every woman with a whale of an appetite how I am gonna stick to consuming just enough amount of calories for my body weight. I wonder too how long before I slowly find myself again making excuses for the "extra rice" and "extra gravy" or another bite of the sinfully delicious cookie or a sip of sweet cold soda. 

I believe though that every endeavor commences with "strong determination". I am setting the challenge for myself today the 4th day of November 2013.

 My goal is not to deprive myself of vital nutrients but to eat well balanced meals and do away with too much salt, sugar, oily and starchy food and embrace all natural- fresh ingredients!

I will also stick to regular exercise regimen- brisk walking and doing household chores manually instead of lazing on bed and munching chips which I honestly have been doing a lot lately.  

..I shall be sharing with you my healthy meal and snack ideas here! 
I hope to inspire many of you to join me in my journey towards A HEALTHY LIFE.

 Today I had sliced cucumber with pickles for AM snack. No salt, no dressing because the slightly sour pickles was enough to give taste to the crunchy cucumber. 

Who wants to join me in my quest?
Leave your comments and suggestions for everyone to benefit from this pledge!
Thank you so much and cheers to a healthier us!
Why bother about eating healthily? -because it will help us LIVE LONG ENOUGH FOR THE ONES WE LOVE...

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  1. i jpin you Zen, though am guilty of eating cakes today and cookies :) haha!

  2. joining you two! haha! been preparing healthy foods for the fambam too. :)


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