Saturday, December 5, 2015

Healthy Living: When Kids Get Sick and You Start to Panic....

When my kids get ill I must admit my initial reaction is to panic. My panic stage is quick to dissipate though when the reasonable side of me rules over the weak one.
Being a healer by profession makes me vulnerable to anxiety secondary to grim complications of every disease known to inflict children. What keeps me sane when the inevitable happens and I am faced with the challenge of healing my own child is this one word- "PRAYER".

It's a huge feat listening to your kiddo cry out in pain at the slightest discomfort. I have encountered moms who lose consciousness at the sight of blood. I used to be a frail girl who cringes at the thought of needles. The mere mention of the acronym ER gave me dizzy spells.
Work experience and one death in the family (dearest dad) has made me braver to face illness.

Another thing that aids me cope with this truly stressful situation each time is the support of family and besties around the globe and my kiddo's fighting spirit and innate love for healthy food.

It is tough being a MOM and the first thing we got to do is keep ourselves fit to have the energy to take care of our kids.

Eating fruits and veggies and drinking enough water and having enough rest and sleep as well as exercise keeps us the super human beings that we are- MOMS...

In the end we get the best reward there is, LOVE AND KISSES FROM OUR SWEET ANGELS AND THAT TO ME, IS PRICELESS as a bright sunshiny day with fluffy clouds above the sky!

~ May every sick child in the world and every homeless boy or girl find comfort soon.~

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  1. that's a very sweet picture of Roel Zen, hope he feels better now.

  2. love your final sentence...hope your kids are not often sick, take care+warm hug from the netherlands!


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