Saturday, December 7, 2013

Healthy Living: Early Morning Walk

One thing I love most about living at the neck of the woods is the chance to greet the day with wild flowers and farm animals. After walking the kids to the main road yesterday I had my dose of nature therapy which I am gladly sharing with you. 

~all photos taken with my handy Samsung Note 2 and uploaded in raw form via Globe Telecom internet connection~

Thanks to technology we could preserve and share our "live in the moment" memoirs. 

 Missing the simple quiet life? Come virtually walk with me! 

makahiya flower looking at the sky

To take this photo I had to be almost kneeling. I just could not resists capturing these pink puffy ball like "makahiya" wildflower. See the dew on the sleeping leaf? It felt magical just watching it glisten. And what was I thinking? -that we are so lucky to be simply alive and that we must not waste our time whining and yes to stop and smell the flowers....

I walked on, the green path in between rice paddies was marvelous to my naked eye. The smell of  hay and the chirping of birds simply made my day. And then I heard young creatures calling out to me, they were a bit shy at first and then as I slowly approached for the second time, they allowed me to take a candid shot.

Meet my "kid" neighbors! Ah oh, I hope you are not thinking of the best recipe to turn them into :)
"meeehhhh meeeehhhh" they kept saying as I left them..

String beans! The sight of that long purplish veggie reminded me of "Jack and the beanstalk" - I wondered as a child again whether somewhere up in the sky there could be an ogre. I chuckled and laughed at myself amused at how things have become so complicated in adult life that I sometimes forget how good it felt to believe in happy endings. I still do of course, I still believe in happy endings. It is just that unlike when I was a child I now know that 
"happy endings come to those who work hard"
and that
"it takes a kind, forgiving soul to know happiness"

Let's walk on!

The rice paddies have just been cleared and the atmosphere is one of peace. See that shack? and the mango tree? This image brings tranquility to my soul. The weeds over the hut remind me of how life can be too stressful at times and so many problems could haunt us altogether in a day but it does not rain forever nor does darkness rule over the day even when it is cloudy. 

I just had to take a snap of those glistening magical dew over grasses! From afar they majestically glimmered and I was like "oh God, how could I be sad when you make simple things look so heavenly"....

A part of me wanted to run and lay myself on the stack of hay. The white clouds and the pristine mountains ahead, the green bamboo swaying over the valley called out to me.

Then there was Mr. Carabao busily eating the simplest food of all. No preservatives, no complicated cooking needed. He seems so contented and yes these animal friends of ours are strong as strong can be. 
I need to eat more grass, more of those green leafy vegetables and have my dose of natural vitamins I quipped. 

...and then as I approached the foot of the hill where our humble home stands I saw little things on the ground. White petals that shone with pride no matter how tiny they I took tons of photos of them which I will share in another post. 

There were birds who happily flew as I walked in haste to capture them; there were butterflies and not a few dragonflies that escaped my lens and I initially felt bad yet as I contemplated at how blessed I am to be simply ALIVE and having eyes that see clearly and ears that hear I felt HAPPINESS in full bloom...

It is easy to complain about our daily humongous tasks and the seemingly endless bills to pay and many other earthly matters. I have my own share of ungrateful moments and selfish thoughts yet everyday I pray for everyone in all the world to be angelic and to learn to forgive and LOVE like there is no tomorrow. When we all learn to share a smile or two, the world becomes a better place...

I hope I inspired you to keep living the simple quite life of a grateful heart....

May your day be blessed...until our next walk...

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  1. breathtaking perspective doc. If every morning walk has a path like that, then i would love to be foreverly walking there every morning. Happiness indeed :)

  2. Early morning walk is the best way to lighten your heart and mind, and means walk with God.

  3. this has been a very pleasant walk. it's been decades since i set foot on a rice paddy, or seen a carabao up close. do you see tadpoles in those rice fields during rainy days? thanks for sharing, doc zen. you really brightened up my day/night with your photos and thoughts.

  4. Ah.. I missed those days na nasa Victoria, Laguna ako. Always, I have this early morning walk where you can touch the fog and feels the morning breeze. Also, seeing my friend Damulag (he's a carabao)..

  5. ahhh... a peaceful life, i always wanted to live in a very simple and contented life. i guess you have it.

  6. i thank you for being one of my angels adding more joys to the joys of simple living :) so glad you're able to see all those wondrous beauty Zen, which are priceless jewel that brings in very relaxing happiness and inspiration. ahhhh, you are living such a good life!

  7. i am so tempted to copy and paste Beth's comment, hehehe! ang linaw ng kuha sa phone mo, so love the dewels of nature!!! thank you for inspiring me always. yabyew!

  8. its so much fun+relaxation to connect with nature, thanks for these beautiful pics!

  9. I love nature walk! We have a beautiful planet, we just don't appreciate it.

  10. That's the kind of place I want to walk each morning granted it's not raining. The view is so amazing. I can imagine the nice breeze over there. Lucky you.

  11. Such a refreshing view of the morning air and mist. Love it.

  12. I super miss that makahiya grass na! It was amazing to see it at a store here being sold as flower. A medium-size-pot cost $11.99 . The husband and I were like laughing our heart out! :D

    I super love your images! That's the very same scenes I have during my childhood. Makes me miss harvesting palay tuloy! :D Like you, a date with the nature is something that I do regularly. I tis so soothing to the soul.

  13. I grew up in a farm so I miss it and I agree with you, it is very peaceful to wake up and face the day with the fresh scent of the plants and hear the animals greet you!

  14. Such a beautiful walk, Zen, and thanks to technology, you can share your part of the world with us. Life is good..God is good!

  15. Hello Kulasa,
    These shots are really wonderful.
    This is nice to see during a walk. This makes everyone happy and enjoy life.

    Hugs, Marco

  16. what a great place to live and raise a family!!

    LOVED the images, they are really beautiful!!

  17. Fantastic photos. I agree with what you say. The tranquility, peace and joy offered to us by God are not handled properly by we,humans and they are just there trying to make our lives ore happier each time when we are gloomy.

    I like the first, fourth and fifth pictures very much.

  18. The photos are fantastic. I too feel the same way about our world. We are blessed with a beautiful world. So why worry? Let's enjoy what God has given us a forget our problems. nd

  19. Hi Dokie! It's been such a long time. Thank you for taking me back to my childhood in the farm. I so miss it! You took lovely captures for the farm lands. I think we have the same phone :-)


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