Monday, November 25, 2013

Healthy Living: A dose of Vitamin C from Pomelo One, Pomelo melo One!

I am not really much of a "sour" fan, however when I recently had flu my taste buds craved for the smell and taste of vinegar! I sent out a dear friend to find me something to dip into vinegar like corn bits and she surprisingly came home with something juicy and fleshy instead of the unhealthy salty and crunchy thingy I asked for! And what  a delight it was to indulge in a natural source of vitamins!

Ja-raaannnnn!!!! come share with me this citrus fruit that comes in its pink version without the bitter after taste but with its perfectly sweet- bursting Vitamin C goodness! Apparently a hundred grams of it supplies us with 61 mg Vit. C (73% of our recommended dose). I must have added too much vinegar yet it matched the pulpy treat!

Now sorry if I made you crave and your are miles away from a "Pomelo" :)

~May everyone be healthy around the globe through caring hearts that share beyond compare.~


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  1. I love pomelo a lot, here, I do not know if it is the same, but I find enjoying grape fruit too, but of course, pomelo I guess is a lot better!


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