Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Why I Love Living In La Union: Summer Sunset Blast! Come Visit Us!

One thing that never fails to calm my spirit is watching the sun go down. 
My love for capturing sunsets started when I met my Salitype Society sisters. From then on I grabbed every chance to take a snap of that gigantic ball kissing the sea.

I am lucky to be living in a place where the sun loves to set in full bloom. 
Welcome to La Union My Beloved...sharing with you a part of my collection of L.U. sunsets...

Filipino-Chinese Friendship Pagoda, San Fernando

near Holcim, Quirino, Bacnotan

Poro, San Fernando

Poblacion, Bacnotan

Christ The Redeemer, San Fernando

Sea Park, San Fernando


Surfing Area, San Juan

Pagdaraoan, San Fernando
Thunderbird Resorts, San Fernando

Surfing area, San Juan

all of the photos except for the one taken in Luna were captured using 
my old handy digi-cams and with minimal editing using Picasa 3...
so if you have the love for documenting memories and are on a tight budget, 
know that you do not have to have expensive gadgets to share nature's finest only need TIME, LOVE and a CARING heart...
go ahead, SNAP!  

Looking for a place to visit this year? Come to La Union! I'd be more than glad to tour you around when you get here! :)

3 yorum:

  1. Beautiful series of sunset shots! Have a happy day!

  2. love that beautiful face so holding the sunset in her hands :) and all the pictures too, you have beautiful sunset in your side of the world Zen, may you have many many beautiful sunsets to share to us :)

  3. Stunning captures, Dokie! It makes us marvel even more at the beauty of God's creations! And that includes you!



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