Sunday, April 13, 2014

5 Top Celebrity Tips for Beautiful and Healthy Hair

Ever wondered how celebrities always have the most incredible looking hair? It’s partly to do with their 24/7 hairdressers, but it is also to do with how they look after their hair. After all, being in the limelight means you need to constantly think about those things. Although you may not find yourself papped on every street corner, it can still be important to keep our hair looking nice. We can’t all afford to have a hairdresser to work on our locks every day, which is why we’ve found five of the best, cost effective celebrity tips and tricks.

1. Salon Quality Shampoo and Conditioner
You may be surprised that there are some products on the market that really are salon quality; even if we are dubious about those big claims in adverts. Talk to your hairdresser about the products they use on your hair and what would be the best alternative on the high street. If you have a good relationship with your hairdresser then ask to visit the hair wholesalers with them next time you go shopping. This way you can pick up the products they use, without paying a huge price tag!

2. Argan Oil
So many celebrities swear by Argan Oil, and we can see why. This clever stuff can get rid of all that frizz, keep your hair looking sleek and smooth, and even give that haircare advert shine. Applying this once a week on slightly damp hair will repair split ends, reduce frizz and give your hair a nice gloss. Make sure you look for a product that contains nothing but Argan Oil, such as LT Organics 100% Pure Argan Oil, if you want the best results.

3. Coconut Oil
Another oil that celebrities use on a regular basis, coconut oil is supposed to work wonders for hair. And it smells delicious! It can be quite difficult to get the process of using this on your hair right, as so many hairdressers will tell you different things. Put it on wet hair, use it to wash your hair, do shampoo it out, don’t shampoo it out; the list is endless. If you’re unsure how to use coconut oil in your hair then ask your hairdresser what they think the best method is. Unless you don’t trust your hairdresser!

4. Silk Pillows
Of course celebrities are going to be sleeping on silk pillows every night, we wouldn’t expect any less. However, there are so many apparent benefits to sleeping on a silk pillow as opposed to your bog-standard cotton pillowcase. Not only does it help your hair, by preventing damage and frizz, but it can stop you from getting wrinkles too. A silk pillowcase may be a bit pricier than a bottle of shampoo, but it is a long term investment that will work wonders.

5. Scrub Your Scalp
We saw this little tip from Sex and the City actress, Kim Cattrall. When asked how she stays so youthful looking, with such luxurious locks, she said it is all simply down to scrubbing. Every night, before bed, Kim scrubs her entire face and her scalp too. This has some logic behind it, as it can help release natural oils from your hair follicles. This can then give you that stunning shine, that celebrities are so famed for.

These five top tips are sure to ensure your hair always looks beautiful and healthy, especially if you use a combination of them. Try using Argan Oil on damp hair and then sleeping on silk pillows at night, you’ll soon see the difference.

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  1. You know what? I've always heard that coconut oil is so good for your skin and hair, now I know why. Thanks!


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