Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Parkinson's Disease and What We Can Do

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Parkinson's disease and Parkinsonian Syndrome are slow debilitating illnesses that require constant family support and understanding. A family member suffering from this can be thrown into depression because of the slow deterioration of movement and other faculties, coupled with easy fatigability. Something they never had before they developed the disease.

Proper exercise is essential to maintain muscle tone and flexibility of people diagnosed with Parkinsons. Short distance walking is beneficial and is relatively stress free and easy to do. Some patients however, would opt out of walking outdoors, for fear that their balance might be off and would cause them to trip and fall. The only option for them then, would be walking indoors. A slow, steady pace around the living room would suffice. However, we should still ensure that the areas they walk on are non slip surfaces. Floor carpeting would be ideal if the patient decides to do his walking exercise within the confines of his home. As an added benefit, specialized mats strategically placed around the house may be used to provide extra traction.

There are numerous products offering mats with health benefits. Most, if not all, have slightly knobbed surfaces to massage the soles of the feet, giving the same effect as acupressure. I particularly find the anti fatigue mad matter floor mats to be the best mats to serve this purpose. Interlocking pieces give customers the freedom to cover as much floor surface as they need, or lay out a path around the house where the patient can walk without danger of falling or slipping even if they are barefoot.

Living with Parkinsons is not easy, but if family members give them all their love and support, they can surely make life a little more comfortable for them.

by Aio Kona

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