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Do you do the "selfie" thingy whenever you are bored? or when you are sad ? or happy? or even when you are busy?

Do you have the urge to take your photo practically anywhere?-  I have a confession to make:

I just love sharing my smile with everyone and I know for certain that I am NOT ALONE! 
I dare say, don't be shy, show the world your SMILE!

and guess what, the word with the letters S-E-L-F-I-E made its debut in the world's most trusted dictionaries, Oxford Dictionaries as one of the new words in the 21st Century, August 2013!

SELFIE(also selfy)noun (plural- selfies)
Origin: SELF + - IE
pronunciation:  /ˈsɛlfi/- a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website


And yep you must all know who've joined the "selfie" world in what could be described as the "humble selfie"

photo source

Apparently the pope gladly posed with youngsters from an Italian diocese inside the St. Peter's Basilica. Make this my dream "selfie" for now. How magnificent it would be to smile beside someone who humbly washed the feet of Muslim prisoners during an Easter service and to be able to preserve that memory to inspire me to do good ALL THE TIME; not to mention being able to share it to the entire world. It isn't surprising that the photo went viral on socia media. 

~from a selfie's point of view~

1. It helps us express ourselves.
Nothing beats one's beaming face greeting the world with positive thoughts and inspiring others to lead a healthy, selfless, meaningful life.

2. It helps us solve our problems.

On the other hand, when there are so many things running on our mind and we just need to unleash them without saying a word, we could simply capture the moment and share it to the ones we love who will in no time communicate with us and ask us what's wrong. And for sure, their concern and comments that say we look gorgeous even with a sad face will make us feel A LOT BETTER and think better.

3. It helps us build and keep our confidence.

Taking photos of our new look and sharing it to friends allow us to spread the ultimate inspiration to keep improving ourselves and loving what we can not change in our lives.

4. Allows us to cherish and preserve memories.

for those who love to TRAVEL, taking selfie photos allows their memories to be preserved. The "looking up" pose could trick one into perceiving the shot has been taken by someone else, just as I thought in the photo of a friend after snorkeling above. 

5. Helps us conquer a toxic day at work.

Our careers could at times be too energy draining not to mention pimple and wrinkle producing! A selfie a day before working helps us feel good about ourselves and confident to help others.

6. Helps us sleep well.

The combination of mellow music and seeing our happy, contented faces before going to sleep with prayer and words of love could bring us the sweetest of dreams. 

7. It makes the mundane enjoyable.

There are many "boring" moments in our day to day activity like waiting for a ride and falling in line for services. Having a smartphone to take a selfie shot makes the routine bearable. A truly beautiful heart radiates in one's countenance. 

...especially when done with dear friends...

8. Makes us celebrate LIFE in all its ups and downs.

Many of us work hard, and really hard that sometimes we do not have the time for a vacation or a real date and a simple selfie will do the trick to bring our energies back!

9. Helps us spread the LOVE of the one ABOVE

Through a beautiful smile in the morning without make up and just prayer and a pure heart, we show to the world that LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL and there is always HOPE for the weary soul. 

10. ...for as long as we do not overdo it, SELFIE shots are meant to make us all FEEL BETTER and LIVE HAPPY, MEANINGFUL LIVES...

So go ahead, grab that camera, phone or webcam and HELP IN LIGHTING UP THE WORLD   :)

The Letters in November would like to thank friends and family whose photos and ideas they wholeheartedly shared in this post:
~Franco, Odessa, Charlie, Red, John Jake, Jerlmell, Ramil, Erik, Franklin, Sharon, Precious, Jessa, Olga~

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bear in mind, that real beauty comes from within...
and our physical appearance does not define us, deeds are what matter most...

The Letters In November is one with the world in praying for love, unity and PEACE
and for everyone suffering regardless of color and belief...

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  1. Thanks for sharing this knowledge of yours. I do selfie most of the time but I don't really share into social media. I put it in my digital frame.

  2. I do it when I do product reviews hehehe. Lovely selfie shots here Doc Zen!

  3. my fave is the last pic, that selfie pic of the lady with bangles :)

  4. wow!!! i've noticed mostly pics nowadays are selfie which truly what you defined it for.

  5. I am actually not fun of selfies but I won't stop my friend doing it if it makes them feel good... All I ask from them is not to bombard my FB wall with a whole album of the same pictures and outfit with almost identical poses... Hahaha... :)

  6. The 'IN' thing today. I find your reasons amusing..LOL Never siguro that I join the selfie bandwagon. Always kasi may signature image na ako, Yung bang 'nakatingin lang sa kawalan'.

  7. i have not perfected the art of taking selfie like you do. hehehe! labyew!

  8. I always do the selfie photo on my camera.. I'm such a photo addict. However i don;t flood my FB or IG accts. with my selfie pics kasi minsan annoying yon lol..

  9. aww, thanks for listing down benefits of it...maybe I should start taking selfie pictures of me, hehehe! well, my daughter and son has so much selfie pictures...:) anyway, when I was still working and traveling for work, I learned the art of doing selfie, hindi pa sya ganun ka-sikat that time. hehehe! love all the selfie pictures here, taken in good taste. :)

  10. I did a lot of selfies back in the days. But now, no more....too fat for the camera. LOL!

  11. YAY! I can't believe it's now an official English word! LOL! I don't often do it coz my face looks even bigger when I do a selfie. Hahaha!

    Anyways, I don't mind people taking a selfie of themselves as long as it's not a daily occurence and doesn't flood my feeds with all the selfie shots. LOL!

  12. Nice pose sis zen. One of these days, I'll join the hype.

  13. Oh, I don't know why I don't enjoy the selfie thing, hehe! But I do enjoy taking photos of my daughter. Nice selfie posts here :)

  14. Hehehe! I'm in the circle of selfie-ers! ehehehe! :D

  15. It's hard for me to get into the selfie mode, but it's a fun idea, I guess. The last selfie is very sweet, and so are the accompanying words, love it!! :)


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