Thursday, August 1, 2013

Smile and Click! The "Selfie" Side of Me- How To Look Great in Photos

     I have to admit, I love taking pictures of myself. It's just that when I am happy I love capturing the moment and sharing my smile with everyone! Sometimes it honestly surprises me when friends tell me I look great! Sometimes it is hard for me to believe when people praise me.  I believe there is beauty in every face just waiting to be captured. So how do I manage to fool the camera into making me look cute for my friends? I'll let you in on a secret...

photo shot by my 11 year old son using Canon EOS 1000D, edited with Picasa 3

  1. Just do it! Smile like it's your birthday and everybody cares about you! Flash those crooked teeth but don't show too much of 'em. The technique lies in speaking with your eyes. You could begin by practicing in front of a mirror trying to convey emotions through your facial expression. 
  2. Feel the moment. Imagine you are a star and it is your pictorial for a movie! I've heard that treating the camera as your friend helps a lot! That means just being yourself and not caring what others may think yet always being cautious not be too self-centered.
  3.  The gadget won't determine how you will look. It pays to have steady hands though that could press on the shutter without the slightest movement to keep your image well focused. When asking someone else to take your photo, the person must be someone you are so comfortable with that you are not afraid to show your real self. And when no such person is available, you could always settle for your own ingenuity and press the button yourself! A gadget with a front camera which allows you to manipulate your countenance is an advantage. While there are so many editing software and applications we could use to enhance our shots, remember that complicated editing will ruin the photo and turn the photo into someone not totally us and where is the glory in that? 
  4. Of course we need to dress up a little, comb our hairs a bit and dab some powder on our cheeks, lipstick on our lips to put a sparkle on our face but remember one does not have to  go to the parlor to look awesome in a shot and clothes and accessories need not be expensive to make us appear gorgeous. 
  5. So JUST BE YOURSELF! Hold the cam with one hand, project your face to an angle, smile and make the smile reach your eyes, think of happy thoughts, the ones you love and then press the shutter button!
self portrait using Samsung Galaxy Note II, beauty mode

Remember we live only once, so love like there is no tomorrow, forgive like it is the end of the world and keep capturing your smiles and showing to the world the formula for happiness...
ALWAYS PRAYING and staying beautiful through a heart that cares.....
because a truly beautiful person is one that LOVES UNCONDITIONALLY.

post inspired by my twinzy Cher of Sweetmemoirs 
and my wonderwoman friend Betchai of The Joys of Simple Life
visit our awesome friendship at The Salitype Society

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  1. hello beautiful. love that pic taken by Roel(1st pic), and by you(2nd pic)! thanks for sharing your tips, Zen, I still have to learn how to take picture of myself using Note 2, I know you told me about the beauty feature, but still have to try it :)


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