Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Thank You For Loving Me

     My brother and I, oh we had a colorful youth! Singing, dancing, we tried them all! I remained a "trying-hard" while he on the other hand was able to join a band. You know, a rock band with all those electric guitars minus ISP Technologies Pro Audio at musician's friend  which could have made their performances superb. Nevertheless I was a huge fan of "the bro" who loved playing make-believe with me 24/7! 
     This was a photo of us from way back then....the scanned photo reveals the date it was taken! August 4, 1992! I was sixteen and he was fourteen! We were imitating our all time fave Bon Jovi! It makes me laugh just to remember those days when we would set up our old model camera, the one with a film on its tripod and use its auto function and pose like stars!

     "Thank you for loving me!...for being my eyes, when I couldn't see! for parting my lips, when I couldn't breathe..thankkkkkk you!!!!!" - sing with us will yah! :)

May every family in the world, be blessed with the music OF LOVE!


4 yorum:

  1. Love that photo of you and your brother! Childhood memory with siblings are just fantastic!

  2. Nice. Those were the days huh? Isn't it fun to walk down memory lane once in a while? you two look cool.

  3. didn't know you were rocktars! you both rock!!!


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