Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Childhood Memories...

     I grew up chasing dragonflies and climbing trees. I loved playing with weeds, the ones with long green stalk we could split into two! A playmate and I would bet how the weed would be divided, into a square which we'd refer to as female or a straight line which we called male. The juice on the tip of leaves were oh so exciting to use as nail polish and the bubbles made of petal pulp and water were enough to make me giggle! We did not have digital toys but the world was so much fun running around on weekends under the early morning sun and playing hide-and-seek on full moons! I wish we had sleeping bags back then which we could use in the woods while camping and counting stars! 

     Nowadays kids spend more time with virtual games and spend less time breathing fresh air and communing with Mother Nature. I miss jumping and running around the woods like there is no tomorrow and most of all lying on soft grass, looking up the sky and imagining that thing they call heaven!

     So whenever I have time, I make it a point to bring the kids to where true fun is! In the woods, rolling on green grass and just watching the world go by....join us!

my sis-in-law and I enjoying Mother Nature....

Tree planting, cleaning the coastal area, and conserving energy will help a lot in preserving Mother Earth and the joys of our childhood...
Let us help each other relive our memories! 

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  2. yes i remember these thing also, but the places i went are all "developed" now - very sad...

  3. My grands and I love playing outdoors. Lovely post.

  4. ahhhh, such precious childhood memories similar to mine. i so miss the simple life in the province...

    hi there baby R and tukayo!

  5. I remember spending my free time on the beach, and always being outside. Childhood memories should be built on these sorts!


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