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Students Share In The Vision


    Today when information is readily available at the tip of our fingers and printing is easy as 123 with companies like 
communication has become a breeze.

   I have recently reconnected with one mentor dearest to my heart. She is someone who further instilled in me the love for writing at the same time, molded me and trained me to scribble from the heart. I will never forget that day she entrusted to me our school paper. She must have felt my great love for Lorma Highlights, the official publication of Lorma Colleges. Thank you so much for everything ma'am Lourdes Llarenas Cadongonan.


Remember us your babies back then? 
click to enlarge we all tried to beat deadlines and those afternoons and evenings we spent at the quadrangle and the dining hall because we had no office? How different publishing was back in the day?

  • We used manila papers for lay-outing, complete with pencils, rulers, crayons, eraser and pens because our access to technology was still limited.
  • We had a hard time choosing the colors to use for the cover page because the printing press only allows us to use a maximum of three colors or was it two?
  • I went to college always carrying my typewriter and my fingers were always messy from the ink and the correction fluid.
  • We submitted articles in hard copy, sometimes even hand-written.
  • We used floppy disks to save our finalized data and that thing called "mouse" was not yet around the school campus. I remember writing codes or commands on a paper to open files etc.
  • It took us weeks to collect data and we had to personally submit articles because we still did not have e-mails.
  • We had to dig our brains for entertaining features because google was yet to become our bestfriend.
  • I spent most of my time in the library reading newspapers and magazines to keep track of current events.

     Yet through it all, I can say that I had a grand time being of service to the school. Keeping the students unified hand-in-hand with the school organizations, The Samahang Mag-aaral ng Lorma as well as the supportive administration.

It was all worth the challenges, the hard work and the tears.

Below is my first editorial entry- pardon me for sharing this with you but I just feel it in my heart that every student these days must have the innate love for learning I expressed in these lines....


     Lorma University!

     A mediocre student would merely jeer at the idea while a clever student would conjure images in mind and say- "it is not an elusive dream".

     By the year 2000 many of us would have already graduated.

     We would be manning Philippines 2000, the Newly Industrialized country President Ramos envisions. Perhaps some would choose to be populating America, Singapore or the Arabian deserts. Whether we will become assets or liabilities of the nation depends much on how we spend our years in college. We are lucky to have been privileged to pursue our tertiary education and far more lucky to have enrolled in an educational institution with a mission and a vision. The college has come up with a master plan, a master key to quality and excellence in education- Lorma College 2000. The school would provide us the best in everything from instruction to facilities. With this blueprint, a Lorma University is indeed not just an elusive dream. 

     The role of the students in the realization of the vision is vital. The college director during the Orientation program has clearly stated this role- "to study, study and study". To study means- to come to school each day as if each day were examination day; to enter the gate of the campus with one's Identification Data Card pinned with dignity; to spend one's free time at the library making requirements, researching or reviewing or at the Sports complex practicing sportsmanship; to utilize laboratory equipment with utmost care; to participate in the activities of the different school organizations; to reach out to the community sharing acquired knowledge and skills; to promulgate the values necessary for moral growth; to work together with the administration, faculty and staff for the attainment of quality and excellence in education.

     Our role doesn't end with that enumeration of merely some specific ways by which we students could weave ourselves into priceless assets of the nation and the world, we must act them out. We have far more complicated responsibilities while staying in the college and far more when we graduate and carry the name of our Alma Mater. Yet why shouldn't we accept the challenge? After all without "students" there is no Lorma College and there will never be a Lorma University. ZUD


 Lorma Highlights, Official Publication of Lorma Colleges
 Volume XI No. 001, Working Together Towards Lorma 2000
 June-August 1995

     Looking back I think I still owe my Alma Mater, my country and the world so many things to help build for our kids a better place....

from my humble world to yours
special thanks to my staff back in the day
and the E-I-Cs who passed on the seat to me...
kuya Jess Pajimola
kuya Randy Tamayo
kuya Darius Rivera
ate Fleur de Liz Eugenio-Mojica
my dear friend Jenny Vi B. Domondon whom I have been missing
for years now...and my longest writing pal, 
Ireneo Diaz...can you all please find the time to write again?

and my Alma Mater a quiet peaceful barrio, one we love so true...

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  1. oh hail the editor in cheif of Lorma College and the whole editorial staff. lovely essay you have Zen, and I could very relate to how you were working during those days, floppy disks, typewriter, etc :)


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