Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Come "Fly" With Me!

     When I first held a digicam, I could not stop myself from clicking! Nothing escaped my vision...oh well, not even flies! Believe me I would search everywhere, crawled my way anywhere just to find the most challenging subjects. For some reason a fly would always look interesting to me. Before farmers in my neighborhood would use best pests control like essentria ic3 insecticide 
I would find my way in the woods and make models out of winged tiny creatures! I looked crazy I know yet when I came home with critters saved on my memory card it always felt great!

What makes flies such awesome photo subjects for me?

It must be the way they always seemed to be in deep taught.

or their vivid unique colors that caught my eyes...

blue ones, my favorite hue always made my heart quiver with delight! 

or it must be how life seems so easy for them...
just climbing leaves and buzzing around...

or the way their mouths would frown and their wings would flap in an instant
you draw near...

they too come in different sizes and they are such a challenge to snap!

in twos would you agree with me when I say they are lovely and romantic to see?
because come to think of it...
It is love that makes the world go round!

4 yorum:

  1. psssst,feeling a bit under the weather. droppin' by to leave a smile nonetheless. labyew! :)

  2. Beautiful photos of insects and things, Zen!
    And yes, I did the same as you, crawling on the grass, bending backward and forward when I got a hold of the camera :-)

  3. haha, i agree with you, and yes, love makes the world go round :)

  4. They have a life of their own, isn't it? :-)


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