Tuesday, October 22, 2013

O+ : The 8.12 Airshuffle android phone: A Gift for my King

     "Father's Day is drawing near dear!" the hubby exclaims. My eyebrows reach the ceiling as I try so hard to pretend I'm ain't hearing a thing. The kids burst into laughter as the hubby mimics the latest dance craze to win my attention. "Okay, okay so what?!" I blurt out with a huge grin. "Ahem, ahem ahem!- the android phone remember? " "Oh yeah, the android phone am supposed to give you haha!" I finally gave in to the man's antics and looked him in the eye. "Okay, a promise is a promise and for the first time you will receive a gift from me in our eleven years of marriage!" The last thing I gave him was a jarraaannnn "toothbrush," a toothbrush on our first Christmas together so I sort of had a guilty conscience when out of the blue the hubby who is such an unselfish man suddenly wished for an android phone to keep up with phone applications he could use at work and at play. 

O+ 8.12 Android (White)
  • O+ 8.12 Android (White)

    photo source: Lazada.com.ph

    O+ : 8.12 Airshuffle android phone it is for the hubby on Father's Day! Browsing the net and learning of its excellent features which include Android technology he has been yearning for with its Android 4.0 operating system with enhanced interface that will give him all the pleasures of entertainment from one application to another as he has recently become a fan of Candy Crush ssshhhhh he'd eat me like jelly when he learns I told the world about it! LOL. Being the music lover that he is he will most certainly have a blast with 0+ 8.12 Android's other features which include Air Shuffle. Now he will be able to play the next track, and change radio stations with just a wave of his hand, perfect when he is busy at work and needing inspiration from melody while keeping track with current events. 

O+ 8.12 Android (White)

     Oh and yes what made us choose this primarily is its Power of Two- he can take advantage of two networks at the same time in communicating professionally and with family. We are subscribed to two opposing mobile networks so he has another line exclusively for me. 

     And of course being married to a photo enthusiasts the hubby has to have a phone with a camera capable of capturing images well in an unfortunate event that I may forget my cam or my phone suddenly runs out of battery when we are exploring the outdoors together. 0+ 8.12 Android (White ) has a built in camera which has autofocus, LED flash, digital zoom and able to capture panorama and other scenes in the blink of an eye. 

     I can not wait to see the hubby's smile when I hand him his new Android phone on Father's Day.
What are you planning to surprise your dads and the one's who made you moms on their special day? Check out 0+ 8.12 Airshuffle Android phone's detailed features at Lazada Philippines where there are so many items you could choose from to make Father's day the best ever for your kings. 

my King with his crowns

With all the gadgets available in the market, there is one thing I will never trade for anything though,
the gift of TRUE LOVE and the joys of parenthood that comes from that LOVE...
 Have fun sharing the love! and see you at Lazada! :)

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from my humble world to yours...


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  1. Hahaha. I find it funny what your hubby did just to catch your attention. Just like you sis, I am not also fond of giving gifts to my hubby as he is to me for we both value the quality time we have together.

    I won't be giving him any gift this coming Father's Day since I have given in to his desire to have an iPhone4s during his birthday last year. That would would be my birthday gift for 5 years,Christmas and New Year's gift for 5 years also and Father's day gift for 5 years too. Hahahah

    Happy Father's Day to your hubby. I am sure he will be very happy and definitely feeling techie with his new Android Phone. Hugs!

  2. It makes me smile sis, same here, hubby and I never practice any changing gifts or giving gifts of any special occasion except Christmas. Most of the time we just eat outside and I never give any gifts to my husband now we are married.hehehhehe...

  3. at least, that makes it easier for you Zen :) you need not think hard what to give him :) hope he would enjoy his new phone.

  4. ...and you have just picked up the perfect gift for the king! That is a great one, sis! Me? I still have to go find one for my man. Lol.

  5. Lucky husband. Imagine, bumigay si misis sa laos na style nya of getting attention, LOL just kidding. Great gadget to have.

  6. Galing din magparinig ni hubby ano? for sure he'll love your gift on Father's day at least gagamitin nya talaga..

  7. aww, your so sweet and hubby is so charming naman to make you say yes, hehehe! :) lucky king and its nice because he can use it for his everyday life, that's important...at least it will not be just kept on the closet! practical din. :) congrats pala for being featured in Lazada, they have here in Thailand but never tried buying from them. advanced Happy Fathers' Day to your hubby. :)

  8. naku, lalo na maaadict si papa O sa candy crush niyan. hehehe! advance happy father's day to the man who made you a mom. he so deserves that phone after that toothbrush, whehehehehe :)

  9. Smart phones are handy devices to have! I only use mine when I am on a run..

  10. I am so late, Dokie! So sorry :-( Father's day is over but I'd still love to greet your darling husband a happy Dad's Day!

    Natawa naman ako sa toothbrush as your first gift to him. Electric toothbrush siguro yon, Doc? Hehehe!

    But the android phone is but a fitting gift for a loving husband and dad to your kids. You are just so sweet, Doc!


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