Friday, June 21, 2013

Music- All In The Family

Meet my friend Marla's musician wanna-be daughter Micah and husband Danilo Sison. 

Marla posted their photo on a social networking site the other day with a caption that goes- 
"The house is on musical pollution, bloody hell!" which left me laughing out loud imagining Marla's sweet ordeal at home listening to notes being played by her lovely daughter and loving husband. One friend of hers suggested she wear ear plugs while someone else said if she can't stop them then she should join by being their vocalist to which Marla replied she'd rather not because her singing might cause a thunderstorm. This makes me smile and think of musical instrument accessories and of danelectro french toast 
which creates an octave effect producing rock stars out of our music loving family members. 

I used to play the guitar when I was Micah's age. I wonder whether I could still produce melody when I strum. A part of me is screaming, begging I do not push through with my plan otherwise my sons and hubby might end up protesting too haha. I think though that it is high time our sons to have their first guitar. 

May the melody of love fill your homes! 

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