Monday, March 25, 2013

Grandma's House

     The other week my maternal side family gathered at my late grandma's house to pray for our ancestors and reunite with uncles and cousins whose busy lives make it hard for us to catch up. There is nothing like sweet family smiles that could relieve stress and boredom. Our grandma's house remains preserved for the many treasured memories in it to stay alive. The kitchen cabinets though need immediate repair using  1/2" overlay cabinet hinges , the cupboards are close to collapsing and definitely need replacement. The carpentry expertise of my uncles I am sure will get the place looking neat in no time. 

the first floor window of grandma's old house with cacti plants well taken cared by an aunt

red flower in the garden 
wedding portrait of my maternal grandparents 

the old toys we used to play with as kids...the orange-haired doll was my favorite, we called it "Ra-ra," I think grandma
named it 
My most cherished childhood moments were: climbing trees; eating fresh fruits like "Aratiles," "Star apples," "green mangoes," "chesa," "lomboy," and so many others; playing hide and seek on full moons!; running endlessly from sunrise to twilight and bed-wetting "blush" due to tiredness; flying kites and making paper boats on rainy days; swimming in the sea and refusing to go home on summer days; daydreaming about my crush looking at the blue skies and clouds; grandma teaching me how to cook; almost burning down the house because of being downright stubborn; mama and papa carrying me to bed and dressing me up for school when I am terribly late; staying up a tree house singing with my bro...role-playing with neighbors; making bubbles using flowers and leaves; cooking with earthen play stoves; riding Carabao driven carriages; biting my tongue to keep myself safe from dog bites haha; being afraid of my own shadow and believing in miracles!- I still do! :)

an old ironing board 

traditional food offered for the souls of our ancestors after saying our prayers for
our dearly beloved departed souls 
more of flowering plants at our ancestral home

Birds of Paradise

My cousins and I had a grand time goofing off and enjoying sumptuous food and recalling sweet moments with our grandma and grandpa whom we love to think are watching all of us from heaven's clouds. 
I missed the company of my mom though who is in the US though thanks to technology I could chat with and see virtually 24/7.

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  1. Wow, lots of halaman sa paligid. Your LOla's huse reminds me of my paternal grandparents house. That wooden ironing bird is a keepsake, you don't see that anymore these days.

  2. I'm envy seeing your grandparent's wedding photo! Ohhh how I wish I could also get a chance to see my lolo and lola's phots. Remembering the old times is great.

  3. oh wow that's a neat looking old house. haven't been to my lola's house since i aws in grade school. :(

  4. Most of us dreams to have a modern home loaded with high tech appliances and gadgets. And we forgot how we live during those times of simplicity. This reminds me of my childhood. Thank you so much, Zen.

  5. My Grandma's home supplied me with so many special memories. I wish I could visit it now, but it was sold long ago. I remember the sandox, the cows, gardens, fields, mowing the huge lawn with an old fashioned motorless push lawn mower, the chickens and rabbits, the walnut tree, the cooking and baking, crafts...Goodness I miss Grandma and Grandpa.

    Zen, you know that hibiscus is good for you, right? I loved your pictures. I am a little girl all over again. lol

  6. oops, my sandbox is missing it's "b". It sat right beneath Grandma's kitchen window and she would talk to us children as we played there. The window looked out over the pasture too and we could sit with our feet below the fence and the cows would lick them - it tickled. :-)

  7. WOW! the photos are captured very well and the stories and memories behind them are immeasurable despite the passage of time. Memories like those are the one's i want my grandchildren to relive in time.

    Yung picture ng doll ang cute, parang yung napanood ko sa horror movies.. he he :-)

  8. YAY! It's amazing how you were able to preserve everything ancient in that ancestral house, Doc Zen, especially the wedding portrait of your grandparents. However, the ancient doll gave me the chills. It looks creepy to me me. Waaahhhh!

  9. love your shots, sis! Are you using a special lomography camera? love the compositions too. :)

  10. this post makes me remember my childhood -playing hide n seek, bahay-bahayan and yes, climbing trees.
    that capiz windows also reminds me of our home when we were kids.
    and, that wedding photo is the real treasure. how nice that it was preserve after all those years.

  11. wow, that's really a beautiful house, tested through times, really nice...and great to be all together with the whole family I bet, must be really lovely to see everyone! love to see that it is surrounded with beautiful flowers, :) nag-aatang din po kami Doc everytime our family cooks food for occasion or something! :)

  12. Your post made me want to run to my grandma, the only living grandparent I have. I wish she lives near our place.

    I enjoyed reading about your childhood sis. It all reminds me of my own which I enjoyed but misses too. I hope Bella could experience the games and activities as we used to do during our childhood days.

  13. Everytime I see this kind of house, I feel the old times when life was simple and no complications, relaxing..Oh, im getting too nostalgic.


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