Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Lenten Season Dream

On the other side of each beautiful sunset...

are hands and feet that toil from sunlight to twilight

are homes struggling to be strong fighting each troublesome storm

and others who, are homeless...

wandering, hungry, passed along

waiting for a hand to hold, a light in the dark,for hope to come alive..

and while their world collapses, we can do something...if only we worked hard enough and held hands to help them cope
shared a smile or two and even laughter too...

the world will be filled with a thousand smiles to heal the sick
and even spread peace

I am dreaming of a world
where everyone is blessed with a steadfast love...

that keeps the young minds' innocence to sins

and the old ones' embrace forgiveness and goodness...

I am dreaming of a world...
where there is LOVE and PEACE and HOPE
where in each person's heart,

the Lord will resurrect.....

14 yorum:

  1. i am sharing your dream. you are such an angel! blessed Holy Week!

  2. Sharing your dreams too Zen, and the photos that go with the dreams are so haunting and inspiring to do something to make this world a better place for each one

  3. I also dream of the same thing sis. This is a wonderful post especially ngayong holy week. May we live in peace :)

  4. Love the last photo. Yes, Jesus Christ will resurrect and that will always be our source of hope for ourselves.

  5. indeed lenten season is the time for reflection. your pictures inspire me to pause and look back and reflect about things in life. hope u have a blessed holy week.

  6. Jesus never fails to remind us of His unconditional love and mercy. thanks for bringing up this timely post.

  7. This dream of your will forever be a dream. Sufferings and trials are all written down in the Scripture's pages. This is where, Faith comes in. Peace will only be achieved during the 1000 years of Jesus reign.

  8. I am with Papaleng but we can only pray and hope that someday, everyone will be equal where there will be no rich and no poor. Have a safe and peaceful Lenten season.

  9. Amen to that..
    peace to you and GOD bless in celebrating Lenten Season..

  10. to God be the glory....:) lenten season it's the perfect time for reflection and ask God's forgiveness.

  11. Sadly, a dream forever it will be :-( Man's nature is inherently bad and only when humankind get to acknowledge God's glory that this dream will become a reality.

    Beautiful photographs as always, Dokie!

  12. Sharing your dreams Sis and hoping and praying too that in God's perfect time everything will fall into place. Thank you for these inspiring post. Makes me reflect all the more about life.

    May you have a peaceful and reflective Holy Week with your whole family. Hugs and kisses!

  13. Beautiful post, and the images are very moving! Happy Easter!

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