Thursday, March 28, 2013

DJ Gear it Diomdelia!

Do you wanna live forever young?

My friend Diomdelia teaches me how to live life to the fullest with her inspiring smiles. 

     There is a fountain of youth: It is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring in your life and the lives of people you love. -Sophia Loren

Youth is a time in life when there is music in everything one does. When everything is spelled 
as A-D-V-E-N-T-U-R-E. Had there been a time machine in my hands I would love to relive my age of exploration and fearlessness. 

Diomdelia singing from the heart. 

     ...To be singing and making music fill the room with the best  dj equipment and making everyone fall in love over and over...

while dancing for the very first time in a hall with a bouquet of roses to the tune of the most romantic of love songs. With blushing face, hearts pumping with energy and magic all around. be celebrating victory with balloons and confetti falling!

and goofing out with lovely friends sharing dreams and ambitions...

being in touch with mother nature's friendliest wings...

..jumping for joy with peace in one's heart...

and shouting to the world how happy one is to be simply alive...

...and cherishing moments with one's parent....

From Diomdelia I learned vital lessons to stay healthy and young:

  • to smile a lot
  • to find joy in everything
  • to love endlessly
  • to be thankful always
  • to be forgiving and hopeful
  • and  most of all... prayerful.... 

thank you for the inspiration!
DJ Gear it Diomdelia! 

 with special thanks to Diomdelia's friends and family
 ~photos borrowed from Diomdelia Vergara's FB profile photos~

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  1. Just keep smiling, surround ourselves with positive people and live simply are I guess things that we need to keep young forever :) Love your photos esp with friends they are precious!

  2. She's definitely full of life and while looking at the photos , I can't help but smile as well the whole time. Such an inspiration!

  3. She is such such a happy and joyful soul. Just keep the faith and trust that everything has a purpose so at the end of the day we can all smile and be happy just like your friend Diomdelia.

    Hugs and kisses Tita Doc from Bella...

  4. I agree with what you wrote. Smiling makes you look younger. She's definitely a happy campers. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Yes, i agree. Live life to the fullest by smiling and staying healthy! She looks so much as my friend.

  6. Diomdelia is a great teacher of life. Just keep on smiling. Look at me I'm 55 yet I look 75..LOL

    1. Hahaha! Sorry but I can't help to laugh out loud with Papaleng's comment out here. LMAO! Papaleng talaga oh! Hahaha!

      Anyways Dokie, this post must have melted the heart of Diomdelia. To be featured right here on your blog is such an honor. She's one interesting fella. Just by looking at her photos that's full of smiles and life, I realized I was smiling too unknowingly. It's so infectious!

  7. Awww! Diomdelia is so adorable and full of life :-) She is one happy and pretty girl. Life is what we make it that is why we have to enjoy especially with our love ones. Thank you for sharing her smiles and happiness with us :-)

  8. Oh the joys of being young and having all the time in the world to live life to the fullest!

  9. It's good to be happy and full of life..

    Happy Easter..

  10. I can tell she's full of are lucky to have a friend like her...:)

  11. to smile a lot...hano ba yan..kulang sa smile ang buhay ko..hahaha
    hindi pa naman huli ang lahat..
    HAppy easter in advance..

  12. To be happy all the time, I guess that's the best thing you got from her. She's a lucky person too to have you as a friend :)

  13. If I could get my hands on a time machine, I would also go back to the time when I'm young and carefree. ;) Thanks for sharing your inspiration, she sure looks happy and full of life.

    BTW, about the recovery software your asking, I downloaded/used ZAR (zero assumption recovery), hope this helps you too.

    Happy Easter! :)

  14. oh, what beautiful lesson, that would keep us joyful in spirits and young forever, your friend has that very pretty smile, and the pictures especially the jumping one speak so much fun.


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