Tuesday, January 22, 2013


      I again had a privilege to join one of those non-governmental organizations' medical-surgical missions and had a blast sharing happiness. One thing that I am so thankful for these days is good health and what better way to thank the Lord for all the blessings in life than taking time to stop thinking of one's own comfort and going the extra mile to listen to the least of our brethren's woes and extending a helping hand? I salute the organizers of the event and pray that their tribe multiply.


      I came home with a happy heart and memories of "smiles" from morning to afternoon of people old and young alike enjoying the simple pleasures of life from generous benefactors.

     Their lives once again made me realize how lucky we all are to be

  • simply alive
  • to be experiencing no pain
  • to have people who love us 
  • to be breathing with ease
  • to be having money inside our pockets
  • to have eyes that can see clearly
  • to be able to walk and talk ....innumerable...the things I am grateful for... 

..."Life is beautiful," that I am most certain of....and with "peace" in every home and love in every community...a child's dream of a better world will turn into reality....

from my humble world to yours- Kulasa

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  1. A smile can lift instantly lift the spirits of a troubled person. It is something that is so easy to do yet we still find difficult to give to others.

  2. The Lolas smiles are contagious! That's one thing that my husband likes about Filipinos, we smile a lot!

  3. In everything give thanks for this is the will of the Lord concerning you, this is one of my favorite Bible verses and yes indeed, we should be thankful for everything, even the pain, the sufferings, the trials and tribulations, we ought to thank the Lord for that too... Smiling is contagious! Those pictures of Lolas made me smile... and miss home!

  4. Those smiles from elderly ones are just contagious. They are just ordinary individuals who have unknowingly inspired and encouraged others to live life to the fullest. Pwede rin akong model ng 'Smile' ask mo si KM. LOL

  5. sending smile from across the globe Zen, smiles indeed are the best medicine, keep smiling and keep sharing those lovely smiles and happiness

  6. I couldn't agree more with you:)this serves as a reflection for those who gets clouded with daily struggles that even life is hard at times, we are still blessed by simply alive and in the pink of health!:)

  7. You're right we're lucky to smile and enjoy things around us.

  8. life is even more beautiful with a beautiful soul like yours...

  9. Indeed, there are lots of things to be thankful for and this post inspired me to be even grateful for the simple gifts I have in my life right now.

    Keep inspiring others. You are such an inspiration Sis :)

  10. i am sure your smile made them smile. you're such a blessing to them and i agree with what you've written here! Life is indeed beautiful...:) sending you a big kind warm smile from The Land of Smile, Thailand. xx

  11. What a kind soul you are Zen. These smiles are truly precious, my heart melts at these pictures. Glad you had such a fun time. Have a wonderful week ahead :)

  12. I wish and pray for you to have your health in serving the less fortunate people. But above all, may God bless you thousand folds for your generous heart and devotion!


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