Friday, December 28, 2012

Mickey Mickey Mickey I Love You!


   "YES"- a three lettered word that could change a woman's life forever. With or without a diamond ring engagement spoken at the right time, for the right person  "yes" is  the bridge to one's "happily ever after".  These days when the world seems to be telling tales of so many broken hearts and marriages it is so wonderful to find people with true love written all over their faces...the kind of LOVE that knows how to wait for God's "yes"....When I see two people truly meant for each other I find it hard to express myself in words not when their eyes are sparkling and their smiles are radiating with happiness at finding each other after years of waiting. Love after all is "patient  and kind".

Meet my friends Louie and Daryll...
this is their "YES" story...


(majority of photos courtesy of Ma'am Matet Madrid-Ancheta ,)

December 11, 2012...

Lifted from Louie's FB post...
12/11/12-the date that made a great impact that contributed to my sleepless nights lately... trying to reconnect my thoughts and realized that I might have done something good and pleasing in my life that high heavens awarded me to experience such moment that's not accorded to all women. I'm not lucky; I'm blessed to have this man around me. To the people behind this Mickey themed proposal, ma'am Matet, sir Abe, Kenneth and Carlos, our deepest realized, materialized and captured the start of another journey to be written in our love history. To the people who witnessed the said moment and those who didn't but had their own negative or positive opinion on that awkward situation as Daryll described it to be and for sharing your thoughts and emotions...thank you. To my man, I salute your courage. I love you more than words can put forth. You've generated my response but to answer again the question at the last page of your proposal notes... YES! I will marry you Mr Daryll Wyllan L. Dixon! C",)

Congratulations Louie my friend....thank you for allowing me to share to the world your beautiful love story...Daryll I am lost for words haha, Just please do take care of my
friend...I know you will...I missed  to witness in person the proposal but I will be there to  hear you both say "I do" in God's time...

May everyone in the entire world be blessed with LOVE...LOVE...LOVE


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  1. awwwwwwww supersweet! Thank you for sharing the love story of your friend! Such a wonderful and sweet proposal!

  2. Congrats to them both! They look happy, and forever will!


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