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Merry New Year "Sandwich-ssert"

Makrolled Sandwich by Bojo the Blue

     Those who know me well must have guessed that the following recipe are not mine...nor are the pictures haha....they're a good friend's Christmas palate which I asked him to teach me and another friend how to always being the generous genius that he is, he gave me his "Makrolled Sandwich" and "Grampine" recipe....Most of you must be familiar with these food treats..for those who aren't here's how to make a Makrolled Sandwich and Grampine which are perfect for New Year's Eve as taught to me by Bojo of True Blue  and Bojo's Peak.

     He starts his culinary sharing with these humble words....

Honestly, I don't know how these will taste - just finished making them with a stiff neck! But as they say, it will taste good when done with love! I'm counting on love to do its magic!
                                                                                   -Bojo the Blue

 He said those exact words- "I'm counting on love to do its magic and I was like "whew! what an awesome cook! 
  Now here are the Makrolled Sandwich ingredients:

Makrolled Sandwich by Bojo the Blue
  • Loaf Bread
  • Ham and Cheese (the Ham must be the cooked ham and the cheese the kind that doesn't melt easily)
  • Mayonnaise
  • Beaten Egg
  • Bread Crumbs
  • Cooking Oil

  • Cut out the edges of the Loaf breads
  • Flatten the Load breads.
  • Spread Mayonnaise on the flattened breads.
  • Place the Ham and Cheese over the bread and roll.
  • Soak the rolled flattened bread with ham and cheese on the beaten egg.
  • Then roll it over the bread crumbs.
  • Fry until light brown.
  • Place the fried Makrolled Sandwiches over tissue paper laden container to absorb excess oil.
  • Enjoy!
I asked him where in the sandwich did he spread the LOVE he earlier talked of and this was his instant reply....

Doing the recipe with a stiff neck - that's the love in there that you are looking for. Making it for the loved ones is also one thing....though sick and still cooking- that's the love ingredient! And yes, they were hits...all that is left is an empty tray! That I guess is the magic love did!

by Bojo the Blue

Now for the yummy looking GRAMPINE CAKE we need:

  • Graham crackers
  • Sliced Pineapples or Any Fruit of your choice
  • All Purpose Cream
  • Condensed Milk
  • Raisins


  • On a rectangular container arrange several Graham Crackers preferably four (4) crackers in two (2) rows
  • Mix All purpose cream and Condensed Milk then spread  thinly over the first layer of biscuits
  • Add raisins over the layer of milk and cream.
  • Put another layer of Crackers over the milk and cream then spread a thicker mixture of milk and cream and raisins.
  • On the third layer do the same thing with sliced pineapples on top of the layers.
  • Cover the grampine (Graham Crackers with Pineapple) with foil and chill until the cream hardens which takes around an hour.
  • Serve with love and huge smiles.  

Thank you so much Blue....This one's for Chay! :)
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  1. I am drooling looking at these pictures! They would be the perfect food to share with family and friends.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, sweetness!

  2. awww, love these ideas! plus madali lang gawin!!!

    Welcome and many thanks for sharing and linking over at Food Friday, sis
    happy 2013 to you and to your family!! :)


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