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A Tribute to the Men and Women Who Taught Me Right from Wrong

St. Michael Kindergarted School
St. Michael Kindergarten School, where I learned my ABC

    “What is eight “8” (eight) multiplied by “9” (nine) class?” “Zen?” The lady, an apprentice teacher called out to a girl in a white printed shirt and blue pleated pants. The girl rose, feet shaking, palms sweaty and eyeballs rolling from one classmate to another waiting for someone to save her and whisper the answer. After a whole minute of fumbling with her skirt and fidgeting and wishing she had powers to go invisible she finally got the courage to say “ammm errrr ninety-two (92)?” in the softest voice. The practice teacher looked at her, face puzzled and caring and said in a sweet voice “I’m sorry Zen, that is not the right answer you may take your seat.” “Any other idea class?” Hands were hoisted into the air as kids shouted “Ma’am! Ma’am! Ma’am!” The girl who was fearful of numbers sat teary eyed and listened and promised to study harder.

     The student could not recall the face of the practice teacher nor her first name but remember the surname of Miss Milo, by heart who discovered her love for language and science and thought she was good in Math too that she trusted her to answer her first question during her first teaching demonstration observed and graded by her superiors not knowing Math was the student's waterloo and a subject matter she jokingly claims could practically smother her to death to this day. The fact that Miss Milo trusted her made the girl glad though it led her to being embarrassed in class. It taught her a lesson on preparedness, honesty and humility she kept for life. 

     Ma'am Milo, wherever you are now, thank you for believing in me and I hope we meet again so I could thank you personally. That little girl in me who goes into a panic attack whenever equations are presented to me wishes I had access to great teachers online like beverly hills tutors who are equipped with enough experience and knowledge on practically all subject matters from math to language to history and even study skills which I badly needed during my grade school years. Technology has made it easier to request for tutors who would contact you ASAP. It took a lot of hard work on my part to surpass the challenges of learning and earning a degree. It pays to have supportive parents who unconditionally showered me with all the love and understanding in the world. 

     Many others came before and after ma'am Milo in my long educational journey and with the celebration of World Teacher's week I take the chance to pay tribute to my grade school and high school mentors. 

     Meet Ma'am Holgado my kindergarten teacher. She has the sweetest, kindest voice in all the world. I remember thinking of angels whenever I saw her then. And yes, maybe pre-school teachers really have halos and wings because without the purest heart one can never mold the minds of rascals hovering in class eating pencil erasers and throwing balls of paper in the air. I took this photo of hers around two years ago when I met her during the first Communion rites of my second child and amazingly I think her face and sweetness has remained the same through the years. Then there was Miss Valmores, with her beautiful face and inspiring words that made my first day in grade school exciting. I remember playing and working in the garden at the side of our classroom and the smell of newly cut grass feeding my mind and soul with love for nature. Grade 2, I had Mrs. Mary Ricanor for my adviser. I loved her tales from the Bible and her grandmotherly charms. One of her sweet daughters eventually became my teacher in college too and I am lost for words to describe how great a person Ma'am Girlie is. I love you ma'am-sis. 

      Then there was Mr. Dacanay whose love for Industrial Arts and Agriculture sparked my love for gardening.  Still a bachelor after all these years having had one great love named teaching. 

Ma'am Matias with her lovely face taught me Science in Home Technology. Working with needles, spoon and fork and casseroles were so much fun with her. Ma'am Cariaso instilled a love for sports and the outdoors in me and gave me my first lessons in history. How could I forget ma'am Quitilen who made made me realize that nothing in the world is ever too hard for those who toil. Ma'am Espejo the mathematics wizard that she is guided me to be sincere in everything I do. Ma'am Isla taught me discipline and made my love for literature fluorish.

      In high school I couldn't forget ma'am  Estela who helped me to gush forth until I soared with my love for goodness and ma'am Faith who first instilled the love for healing in me and taught me how to maximize the power of my mind and not merely Chemistry. 

      Now meet my Algebra and Geometry teacher sir Mads, who still looks as groovy as ever! He took away my fear for numbers in a flash with his fun, cool teaching method. The equations began to have meaning and we understood his explanation each time with the stress free atmosphere he created in the classroom. The best Math teacher I have ever had! His beautiful, loving wife ma'am Tina taught me the English language in the same manner as he did, cool yet precise. They are a perfect pair! 

     Mr. Casilla who has joined our Creator sparked my nationalism and up to this day I keep the lessons I have learned from him in my heart and wherever he may be now up in the clouds I think he is happy to see many of his students who are now working at different parts of the globe living the lessons he taught. Miss Acosta opened up my heart to the study of life while Mrs Ancheta and Mrs. Borja to maintaining a home sweet home filled with love, respect and dignity. Miss Guray, another language teacher I loved dearly because she was first to discover my love for writing and trusted my capabilities without a doubt. I heard she has long retired from work and I am planning to visit her at her home one of these days. 
     Each one of us has a teacher story to tell. I'd love to hear yours too. Our mentors deserve all the accolades bestowed on heroes because that's exactly who they are- HEROES. 

from my humble world to yours 
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*Happy world teacher's week too to all my college and M.D. mentors, 
I shall write another post exclusive for you too :-)

In my journey through LIFE, I am glad I have YOU  all by my side and God within us all....
He who is our ultimate guide to what is right and wrong....

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  1. Waa buti ka pa kilala mo pa kahit yung kindergarten teacher mo. Ako di ko na maalala kahit yung name. XO Anyway Happy Teacher's Week sa lahat ng teacher!

    * Pareng Jay was here

  2. parents are the best, they are our first teachers esp when it comes to values and have a great memory, i am not sure about the names of my elementary teachers but i do remember their faces..

  3. wow! touching post for your teachers and you're still in contact with some of them (kae you have photos)

  4. teachers indeed shape the person we are now, kudos to them!


  5. This is so sweet of you to give a tribute to all the men and women who didn't only teach you but also touched your life :)

  6. this is a great tribute to your teachers and mentors, i wish they can read this...if its me the person written here, i will be teary-eyed already. its always great for teachers to see how their students became after studying. you're so sweet.

  7. awwwwwwwww...what a wonderful tribute to nice of you!

  8. Wow..I am glad to know that you've so many great teachers and still remembered them..It's wonderful! I can only count 2-3 at the max!

  9. Do you know that a teacher also in college help me to graduate, yes I graduated because of her and this post reminds me of my teacher who never failed to support me financially.

  10. What a very good recollection of your experiences. And what a fitting salute and tribute to your noble teachers. I admire you for having recalled all of them and I guess, you still have contact with each one of them. It's so rare! They must be so proud that they've got a by-product in you.

  11. Teachers make or break us as they think on their feet and take in our every need and deliver the lesson intellectually as well as emotionally. God bless 'em.

  12. oh Zen, this is a great tribute to teachers, I so admire you for continuing to have contact with your teachers and even remembering them, I am sure they feel so happy each time you visited them, it's a great gift a former student can give to a teacher.

  13. aw.. this is such a beautiful story. I never forget my teachers eaither specially those who make me stand for an hour. for not answering the math question correctly. but that got me motivated though to study harder. =)

  14. Wow... love this posts, makes me think of the teachers that molded me into the person that I am today... I'd probably write a post on this too over at my blog some time soon... will keep you posted on that...

  15. As promised, I finally did mine... here...


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