Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Change the World

     When was the last time you remember waiting for the sun to rise? Do you recall any moment in your life when waking up in the morning made your heart sing with gladness at simply seeing the sky?

     The ball of light slowly creeping out of the mountains to light up the world was the most wonderful sight she could think of the moment she opened her eyes. A new day has arrived and she was alive. What better thought could there be than that she fathomed. No, there was no special occasion, no candles to light, no cakes to slice nor balloons to watch in flight.

     It was just another day....no she simply could not call it as just another day because....each day we wake up to is a gift, a precious gift....

  a chance to rise from our failures; an opportunity to say sorry and to forgive; a collection of hours for possibilities and to defy impossibilities; a time to kiss and make up and talk to those we love of how much we are thankful for their smiles and ask for nothing more but just stare into their eyes and savor their trust....


to hold the ones we love like it were our last

and plant a tree to grow with sweetest fruits our lips to splash

and watch tiny wings rest on fragile flowers

 stare into curious eyes

 and help the oppressed from injustice to rise

because it has been said that we live only once
each moment counts, each word unspoken and said,
today we must,
we must gather all the love in our hearts and open them
to those who have less and most especially to those who never had bread
nor anyone who loved

because the outside world has more concerns than our mundane troubles and perceived pains...
though remember too, we must that to share love one must first start inside
for love to flow outside and hopefully be enough
to somehow change the world at last...


From my humble world to yours


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  1. the subject of your photos are something so ordinary we get to see everyday. but, as i see it now...it seemed to express a thousand words. thanks to how you put words together to describe a feeling for each photo.

    i am moved.

  2. Such a very inspiring post! I love all the photos! Sana makapag picture din ako ng sunset or sunrise kasi di ko pa nagawa yun.

  3. another interesting read here.. your place also looks so peaceful!

  4. there's something about your photos that's so serene and peaceful. I so love your shots. :)

  5. beautiful pictures and thoughts, Zen. love all your shots, enjoying such beauty in the simplicity of life.

  6. Are these all your pictures? Great! i like how the words complement each pic. Nice post!

  7. I love this! Very inspiring and soothing to the soul.

  8. i know i've said it gazillion times but hey, you never fail to inspire us.
    musta naman ang bagong baby mo? hehehe! love and miss yah!

  9. wow another inpiring post! love it! thanks for sharing! love all your photos. =)

  10. How lovely your words are to read on a chilly and rainy morning to me, today, Kulasa! So soothing, and full of grace!

    Love your photos..

  11. I love being up to see the sunrise. It's a special time of day.

  12. Kulasa, lovely post! Your words are beautiful and the photos are perfect. I also love to be awake for the sunrise.

  13. a beautiful entry kulasa, i feel the joy every single day!!

    morning, it's the absolute best time of day!!

  14. Lovely, lovely post. I have pinned your sky shot. It was particularly gorgeous.

  15. I certainly remember the last time I waited eagerly for the sun to rise!!! It was almost 2 years ago, on a chilly morning in the Himalayas!! Do read this, Sunrise at Neelkanth Peak

    Hope you wont mind me giving a link in the comment here.
    And your post is wonderful, splendid captures.
    Have a fantastic Sunday :)

  16. Lovely images ... they show your love towards Nature ... beautiful !!!

  17. interesting name kulasa, and interesting shots. most of all interesting thoughts. i really agree with what you've said.

    just me,

  18. Oh yes and I always do that for me sunrise means there is hope in everything. As long as the sun rise so as our hope to life will always be in us. ^_^

    Thanks for the visit I do appreciate it.


  19. By the way a new follower here ^_^ Happy Monday!

  20. perfect picture with a perfect caption:)

  21. As always, your photos compliment your inspiring words. You never fail to amaze me with your writing prowess.

  22. Such lovely words and photos. Sometimes we need to be reminded how precious life is and take time to enjoy life.


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