Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Grateful Heart

In Life, we never get everything we want...
At times we fail and fall...
and there will be people who may not agree with us
...and in the process we could hurt each other...
Time will pass no matter what we do...
and the longer we keep the pain,
the longer we keep ourselves from growing like the creek that I pass by over a bridge each day 
I try to let love flow unceasingly 
to forgive and to forget 
with all sincerity

when raindrops fall to wet the ground and twigs and leaves and shrubs
someone up Above the clouds could be watching us...
listening to our prayers,
helping us to LOVE...

and in Roses' thorns we get to understand that 
nature's beauty must remain unharmed, untarnished and sublime...

In our green cat's eye I see the river..
green and clear with lots of LIFE to spare...
for it is in looking into others' eyes
that we see our good self when they return our smile....

We could choose to hate and curse and frown
but we could always change our minds...
to offer helping hands 
and understand...
and leave the hurts of the past behind... is an arduous task, that I know
but hasn't the Lord whose life we so adore
taught us to Love our neighbor as ourselves?

Meet Ivy a dearest friend, one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met
who when once asked by a little child why she had less fingers in her hands
smiled and said in the gentlest voice
that God gifted her with only those but
she is grateful to be alive and touching souls...

farm bench

from my humble world to yours

blessed Sunday one and all...

6 yorum:

  1. " like the creek that I pass by over a bridge each day
    I try to let love flow unceasingly
    to forgive and to forget
    with all sincerity"- I am so deeply touched with your poem Zen, ideals that I live also each day but can't express it more profoundly nor eloquently like you just did. so love the message here, and so love the pictures. i am so happy and proud to have met you and be a friend.

  2. what can i say? beautifully expressed thoughts as usual. nice to meet you, Ivy! keep inspiring!

  3. Lovely post and photos, have a wonderful week!

  4. It is a beautiful post with beautiful thoughts and photos, Kulasa! And Ivy, and inspiring person with such a positive outlook!

  5. As always, your words are thought provoking, well written and inspiring.

    Hello Ivy. Nice to meet you. Keep inspiring the people around you.

  6. same way I feel, if I get hurt, I forgive, I try to forget and move on.

    It doesn't help to drag heavy load when you have the choice to leave them behind.

    very inspiring !



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