Monday, June 11, 2012

The First Kiss

      She was passing along the corridor. The moon was peeping through the billowing curtains partially obscuring the merry making outside. It was the first day of the year. Screams of revelry could be heard along with the lights making their way up into the sky as if challenging the moon. A cat scurried towards an open door as she made her way to the garden. The leaves were swaying in unison as if luring her to walk on. A song was playing on her mind, notes from somewhere in time she could not give words to. She smiled as a flower dropped from a twig. It was difficult not be happy at that moment. The world was singing for joy....and she saw him for the first time. He had eyes that reminded her of the deep blue sea; and hair that snapped memories of her childhood from her own eyes. They were black yet brown when illuminated briefly making her almost see the bark of trees she used to climb as a little girl. What more was there that she could not resists? He had lips that smiled in a way that chanted lullabies.
When he answered her gaze, she froze. She looked down and faked a chagrin. No, she won't allow him to, not just yet. But somehow in her delight not to let that moment pass she gave away her pride and looked up to see him smiling at her. It was surreal. Did he just wink? Did he just flutter those eyelashes in a snap? Her fingers found their way into her mouth, covering her grin. Her cheeks were reddish as apple and she giggled like a child. He was about to approach her when she heard someone call out her name. As if on cue, she grabbed her sweater from the chair and ran. Her heart was beating so fast as she made a dash for the blue gate. As she reached the tree before the gate she felt a hand reaching out to hers and she almost shrieked had he not carefully put his fingers on her lips. She could not fathom what was going on. A bell was ringing on her mind yet something more powerful was asking her not to do anything but follow  her heart. Her heart which was wildly drumming inside her chest was sending shivers down her spine...exactly what she was told by an older sister yet not quite near enough.She was seeing stars! Stars and moons! She was seeing nothing save for his face in harmony of pink and blue with silver and red and gold and green fluttering in an endless river of happiness...yes that was it...she was happy beyond description and words that she wanted to stay unmoving. As if the slightest motion would take away the magic. And then it happened. He looked at her. She looked at him. They couldn't stop. The world stood still. Every matter she had ever known seemed to be pushing her towards him. And every day she ever wondered how it would feel like seem to have hung themselves on her wall, the wall of her mind...watching her, urging her to do nothing but wait for that one moment in time. And so it happened! He talked to her with eyes that melted every fiber of her being. She said yes as loudly as the thunder in an open sea yet as softly as a butterfly flapping its wings in a summer evening sky. She was the wind, he was the sea and they made the water roll back and forth, collapsing into a tide making tons of sand cover the ground. She saw flowers, daisies and tulips and roses, stargazers and morning glories and everything a prairie could contain. And then she opened her eyes. She began breathing again. This time, she seemed to have awaken from a dream, the most beautiful dream. She knew she was awake yet she seemed to be dreaming. She was sure that she was alive, more alive than she had ever been yet somehow in her confusion and joy she lost yet gained something; the moon and stars have found their way into his eyes and from then on she knew, that each night would be so dark without him lighting her every movement and path.

farm bench
from my humble world to yours

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  1. oh, i was totally drawn to the passion in this first kiss Zen, ahh, so love to feel and celebrate the romance in your words, love love it.

    PS....I'll meet you at the TSS, haha :) saw your link, thanks Zen

  2. oh, first kiss! how can i forget? lol!
    sulat ka na ng nobela... i am hooked on reading your stories.

  3. I hope you can see me smiling ear to ear ... hahahaha very romantic, reminded me of someone in my past !


  4. Just a dream? It was vivid that I thought it was real. It had to be real at one point.

    Beautiful description of a romance, and that first kiss lasted forever in memory..


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