Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Swimming in my Sleep


Flowers have petals, leaves and stem....

         Birds have feathers, wings and beaks....


Human beings do not have gills and tails and scales...but we can swim!
awww in my case, I can I do not even know how to float haha,
I just know how to play with water and how to have fun in the water with dearly beloved friends
I had a great time around ten days ago hanging out with old friends from a previous employment who are close to me like family together with my son Roel...

As you can see, we were too exhausted swimming and eating  the night away that by dawn we were all snoring loudly. Our gracious host's home had many rooms but we chose to stay together in a huge one. I was lucky to have been roused early because the naughty side of me could not help but to capture sleeping photos of my sweet angelic friends...sssshhh please do not make a sound, we might wake them up :-) I haven't actually asked them permission yet to posts their not so cute shots haha,

Oh I am sorry, this is such a mischievous boxer shorts my sleeping friend above unintentionally bought for his son haha, We had a good laugh listening to her story of how furious her husband was when he saw the prints on the shorts and how baffled she was while being reprimanded because she honestly didn't notice the design...:-)oh yeah she was forgiven after flashing her hubby that smile that never fails to melt a man's heart...

Now this must be a frog prince who shooed us away from the water when it was almost midnight...My friends and I could have spent all the time in the world taking its photo but the kiddos managed to frighten him haha,
I saw him in my dream turn into a man...nah...I didn't it was this that I dreamed of....that I have finally attained my ideal body weight and was looking gorgeous in a swimsuit...nay...just joking once again...
seriously I saw myself in my sleep taking more photos of ....

The streets of Vigan City which we explored before diving into the pool...
I shall be sharing more of Vigan City in my next post...

It is such a blessing to have so many wonderful friends like you who take time to make me laugh and smile even when I am not always at my make me feel i had gills and fins and I could swim the deepest of oceans...
with my sweet Lorma friends and our gracious host, the Rebullo family....thank you so much for the wonderful time

 from the humble world of a Kulasa

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  1. Great photos! Perfect for Ein stück Himmel!
    Happy Easter to you!

  2. The frog prince also rouse very early to call, "Kulasa, Kulasa..."

  3. Looks like you had so much fun! The frog photo is awesome, Kulasa!

  4. Great shots of the water. It looks like you had a great time. Posting photos of sleeping friends is very funny. I hope they enjoy your post :)

  5. had fun reading and looking at the photos but a question keep popping on my head, is that blue, is that blue? LOL! love yah twinzy!

  6. Looks like you had fun time. Well, its always great to catch up with friends.
    Have a nice day Kulasa:)

  7. Looks like fun! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Looks like everyone had a very enjoyable time. The image from Vigan City looks interesting.

  9. These are cute shots but love the froggie the most! I like your screen name, it reminds me of my childhood. Mama used to call me that when she is scolding me lol.

  10. Beautiful shots! Looks like everyone had fun and got too tired. :)

    My piece of heaven.

  11. Looks like u had a great time there... Now I feel like going on a picnic...

  12. hahaha, had so much fun reading each line in this post, Zen. you made me want to have that isaw now and something that is not easy to find here in SD :(

  13. amazing! ohhhhhh really great! Now i know you are not only Zen but ZENIUS too!
    (*_*) Inang

  14. Your photographs are captivating, indeed! Keep up the good work!


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