Monday, April 2, 2012

Dancing in the Dark

Perhaps today I shall be taught to forget you
To laugh and smile without the thought of you
Climbing that wall of indecision, for the nth time
Turning back....hastily running back
Closing my eyes, breathing a sigh
Embracing your memories like water with the tide
Gushing forth, slowly drowning me
Yet lovingly caressing me, with memoir's of faith and love and lies
That I myself webbed somewhere along the edge of disguise
Carry me along until I remember not
the pain of losing, the pain of treachery,
Forgive me my sunset, forgive me and forget
That I ever came, that I ever came again
Only to disturb thy heart...
Only to wash away the colors
Of that fiery sky's lark
Go while you still can, and leave me dancing in the dark....

from the humble world of a Kulasa

participating for the first time in

Open Link Monday

the imaginary garden with real toads

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  1. "Perhaps today I shall be taught to forget you"

    That is an opening line that is unforgettable. I was breathless, reading this, with its lyrical evocation of some of my favourite Spanish poets, until the final "Only... only" refrain. Wonderful.

  2. Very well said, Kulasa. You write well I am very impress. Thanks for the visit I do appreciate it.

    Spring Flowers

  3. You are very welcome to the imaginary garden with real toads. This is a wonderful introduction to your work. Very wistful and reminiscent of the classics.

  4. I, too, love your opening line, and the wistful reverie......nice to see you at Toads.

  5. "Forgive me my sunset"...that's beautiful, addressing nature in such a personal way, as the impending night closes in. Spellbinding.

  6. Lovely post ... stunning sunset and a beautiful poem .... Greetings from Irene

  7. ... reminded me of a friend, this makes me sad !

    I love the poem by the way, always do !!!


  8. I particularly like the way you weave human emotion with natural occurrences... memories and ocean's waves, reverie and sunset. Lovely imagery and effective device.

  9. I like the melancholy and emotional write...I too like the opening lines...

    Welcome to Real Toads ~

    My share:

  10. what can i say? keep writing effortlessly.

  11. I like this:
    "That I myself webbed somewhere along the edge of disguise"

  12. Eyes cannot, our hearts will.

    All to be seen by our hearts, in the darkness.

    Just cannot avoid.

  13. love it. very emotional sis but you still carried all through out.

    see you around,

  14. Beautiful poem, Kulasa!

    Go now, and keep dancing in the dark
    As your shadow will be printed in the sky..

  15. delicious words...i miss writing poetry. a sunset can certainly inspire.

    Live in the Moment

  16. Un bonito blog Kulasa, me alegro de que te gusten mis trabajos, gracias por pasar!
    Un abrazo.

  17. You have a way with words, as it is such a lovely poem! Thanks for visiting!

  18. dancing in the dark - perfect for this weeks topic in picstory *D*. wonderful pic! :)

  19. This is a gorgeous shot sis. So relaxing and peaceful!

  20. this is lovely and you selected the perfect companion picture!!

  21. The picture is breathtaking like the poetry.

  22. Melancholy words and a gorgeous photo.

  23. Nice rhythm, a light pace, the emotions of getting away from a heartbreak. Sometimes one wants to cherish the memory and it's just painful to, and then one wishes one can forget. Enjoyed your poem, thanks for sharing.

  24. Emotional for sure. The pain comes through in spades, choked me up a bit....great writing.


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