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Maragayap Bridge

Today I am alone in our room tapping on the keys. Silence is not my company however as I could vividly hear my children merrily chatting. From the open window I could feel the air gently entering like a lullaby.
And as I stare into the photo I took of one of the bridges in my hometown on the left, see clouds, mountains and trees  I feel happiness. I can breathe with ease; I can swallow with no pain; I can smile with no remorse; I can scratch my nose with not a bit of difficulty; I can skip if I wanted to all day; I could shout at the top of my lungs; I could call out a friend's name and I'm sure he or she would come running by my side; I could go on and on with blessings we sometimes fail to see because we are too busy worrying about inane things.
The road to happiness is a road that is always inviting us. We only have to say "yes" ...yes to being trustful that everything we really need has already been set by someone Almighty for us...the air, water, shelter in trees, grasses, sand and soil in which to lay our feet...and our brains which enable us to build shortcuts through huge bodies of water...
What more could we ask for...we are blessed....We are human and we have been made in His own image and likeness.....
In forgiveness we gain peace; in sharing we attain growth...
Blessed day treasured family and friends....I am blessed to have you in this life...Thank you for taking the time to visit

 the humble world of a Kulasa

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16 comments on "Blessed"
  1. This is exactly what I needed right now, a reminder to be always thankful for this life and for all of God's blessings. Thanks dear friend .... keep sharing !

  2. Zen, your images made me breathless, They speak so loudly of joy and bliss in peacefulness. Reading your words amazes me, so true, so magical, so accepting, so deep, so happy. Yes, in forgiving we gain peace and in sharing we attain growth. Thank you so much Zen for sharing this loving and peaceful thoughts to us, love you Zen.

  3. Beautiful words and post. The photos and scenery are gorgeous. We are blessed. Thanks for sharing, have a happy scenic Sunday!

  4. Nice shots, especially I like the last one.

    Regards and best wishes

  5. I always love to see where you are.

  6. What can I say? The post indicates what a pure heart you have. It is indeed in sharing and forgiveness that we find true joy and happiness from the inside.
    A wonderful heart warming read.
    Have a lovely week ahead:)

  7. You live in a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing your part of the world.

  8. Your beautiful gratitude on life made me feel very blessed! When life is tough, I only have to remember the smallest beauty around me to focus my positive energy on!

    Thanks for writing this wonderful reminder!

  9. awwww, what a wonderful post..really lovely, specially with those serene shots. :)

  10. Lovely photos, I esp. like photo #3 because of the reflections, I would love to have that kind of shot too. :)

  11. Wow, your skies are beautiful and I love the reflections. Such pretty scenery. Lovely photos.

  12. very beautiful indeed :) oh i did not know there are two ways of commenting in your blog :) have a nice day.

  13. Beautifully written and lovely colourful skies too.

    Lovely to have you find my blog, you are most welcome.

  14. more blessed to have met you...

  15. This short story is being written by a good author because this is high thinking related story. Actually I think this image's sun is blessing to us and us are the little children of his.


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